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OHFA is committed to increasing awareness of our products and services with the media and the public. We regularly release news about new program offerings, Agency initiative, and any changes to our programs. We make every effort to build positive relationships with the press to help get the news to our partners and customers as quickly as possible.

2022 News Releases

6-13-22 – Helping Ohioans Become Homeowners in a Booming Market
The path to homeownership can be challenging for Ohioans, especially if they don't know where to start. The Ohio Department of Commerce and OHFA can help with resources to guide Ohioans through their homeownership journey, and with a heated housing market it's essential to be prepared.

5-20-22 – More Than $31 million in Housing Tax Credits Awarded to Build or Preserve Affordable Housing Across Ohio
This year, 31 Ohio developments creating or preserving 1,554 apartments for families, seniors and individuals at risk for homelessness were awarded more than $31.9 million in 10-year federal housing tax credits.

5-2-22 – $280 Million in Assistance Available for Homeowners Financially Impacted by the Pandemic
OHFA wants to remind Ohio homeowners that help is available if they're facing foreclosure as a result of financial hardship due to the pandemic.

4-6-22 – Assistance Available for Ohio Homeowners Impacted by COVID-19
The Save the Dream Ohio program helps eligible Ohio homeowners who are facing foreclosure or cannot afford to pay their mortgage, utility bills or other related housing costs as a result of economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 News Releases

6-16-21 – New Policy for Affordable Housing Developments & Executive Director Announcement
OHFA's Board approved a new policy providing financial assistance to affordable housing developments facing construction cost overruns. The Board also named the agency's next Executive Director.

5-19-21 – $31.5 million in Housing Tax Credits Awarded to Build More Affordable Housing Across Ohio
This year, 36 Ohio developments creating or preserving 1,931 apartments for families, seniors and individuals at risk for homelessness were awarded more than $31.5 million in 10-year federal housing tax credits.

2020 News Releases

12-10-20 – Pre-Pandemic Homelessness Numbers Provide Glimpse into Possible Post-Pandemic Challenges
Homelessness in Ohio, a new report from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, says Ohioans experiencing homelessness grew by 30.8% between 2012 and 2018. During the same period, Ohio's population grew by only 1.3%.

9-23-20 – Coronavirus Pandemic Exacerbates Pre-Existing Housing Insecurities, Report Says
Since the onset of COVID-19, 90-day mortgage delinquencies in Ohio have seen an upswing, indicating potential for an increase in foreclosure rates in months to come. That is just one key finding of the Housing Needs Assessment, a yearly evaluation of Ohio's housing trends and challenges.

5-20-20 – $31 Million in Housing Tax Credits Expand Affordable Housing in Ohio
This year, 37 developments throughout Ohio creating or preserving 2,002 apartments for families, seniors and individuals with disabilities were awarded more than $31 million in 10-year federal housing tax credits.

4-23-20 – Housing Agency Provides Additional $4.75 Million for Emergency Homelessness Services
The OHFA Board approved an additional $4.75 million to support the increased housing needs of Ohio homeless and those at risk of homelessness because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3-20-20 – Ohio Housing Finance Agency to Provide $5 Million for Rental Assistance and Emergency Homelessness Services
The Ohio Housing Finance Agency approved a proposal to provide up to $5 million in funding to help homeless and low-income Ohioans negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic avoid or escape homelessness and stay in their homes.

2019 News Releases

7-19-19 – Housing Costs Burden Many Ohioans, New Report Says

5-15-19 – Affordable Housing Expanded through $280 Million in Housing Tax Credits

4-10-19 – Conference Highlights Connections Between Housing Stability, Healthcare, Aging Populations, Social Justice Issues

3-28-19 – 5K Race Promotes Affordable Housing; Donates Proceeds to Local Housing Nonprofit

2018 News Releases

12-20-18 – Ohio's Homeless Numbers Increasing Among Children and Older Adults, Report Says

10-11-18 – OHFA Announces New Fund Aimed at Creating Diverse, Mixed-Income Communities

6-26-18 – New Report Shows Ohioans Spend More Than Half Their Income on Housing and Transportation

6-19-18 – OHFA Awards Over $2 Million to Provide Affordable Housing to Seniors and Veterans

5-22-18 – OHFA Awards Housing Tax Credits to Developments That Prioritize Reducing Infant Mortality

5-16-18 – OHFA Allocates over $280 Million in Housing Tax Credits to Expand Affordable Housing

5-10-18 – Report Finds Nearly 60,000 Ohioans Homeless in 2016

4-4-18 – 50 Years of Opening Doors: OHFA Celebrates National Fair Housing Month

3-28-18 – OHFA and OCCH Announce First Race for a Place (to Call Home) 5K

3-21-18 – Governor John Kasich Appoints Duana M. Patton to OHFA's Board

1-24-18 – OHFA Awards Funding to Central Ohio Housing Opportunity Project, Move to PROSPER

1-2-18 – OHFA Joins Fight to Reduce Infant Mortality and Awards Funding for Housing Assistance Program

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