Request for Proposals

  • Request for Proposals

There are no Requests for Proposals at this time.

RFP Schedule

Current Contract Expiration Date Type of Contract Office
6/30/2023 Swap Advisor Capital Markets
6/30/2023 Marketing Videos Public Affairs
6/30/2023 Environmental Consulting Multifamily Housing Development
7/1/2023 HBE Counselors (RFQ) Residential Lending
12/31/2023 Arbitrage Rebate Consulting Services Finance
1/2/2024 811 Voucher Services Multifamily Housing Development
1/2/2024 811 Waitlist Creation & Management Multifamily Housing Development
6/30/2024 Banking Services Finance
6/30/2024 Investment Advisor Finance
6/30/2024 Trustee Services Finance
6/30/2024 Security Services Facilities
12/31/2024 Investment Banker Capital Markets
12/31/2024 Single-Family Servicer Residential Lending
6/30/2025 Financial Advisor/Cash Flow Provider Capital Markets/Finance
To Be Released Indirect Cost Rate Plan Finance
To Be Released HUD Risk Share/FFB Custodian Finance, Multifamily Housing Development or Capital Markets
To Be Released Opportunity Mapping Research & Analytics
Various Liquidity Provider Capital Markets