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OHFA and other organizations concerned with affordable housing initiatives in Ohio regularly publish updates, annual reports and plans, studies and research reports keeping the public and relevant businesses updated about the state of the industry. You can download the latest available resources here.

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Established in HB 33 of the 135th General Assembly, R.C. 175.20 and R.C. 5713.031, OHFA is required to maintain and annually update a list of all Ohio federally subsidized residential rental properties. The list will be annually certify to the Auditor of State, Board of Tax Appeals, and the Tax Commissioner.

To the best of its ability, OHFA compiled the list based on readily available data. R.C. 5713.031 defines the properties and program types included on the list:

  • Section 42, federal low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC);
  • Section 202, Supportive Housing for the Elderly;
  • Section 811, Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities;
  • Section 8, Housing Choice Voucher Program;
  • Section 515, Rural Rental Housing Loans;
  • Section 538, Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Program; and
  • Section 521, USDA Rural Rental Assistance Program.

Federally Subsidized Residential Rental Property CY 2023, certified January 31, 2024, and updated March 29, 2024. The certified list will be distributed by the Ohio Department of Taxation.

If you have questions regarding the list of properties, please contact

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How to use the report below – click the link and then choose a tab at the top left. The Summary tab provides information regarding program amounts and applications. The Demographics tab provides information regarding the demographic makeup of applicants and households.

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