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The Ohio Housing Finance Agency is proud to present Stories of Home – a blog that features current happenings in the housing industry and also highlights those that have been positively impacted by our Agency's work.

  • :Power of Home

    The Power of Home

    In this podcast episode, the Power of Home pilot program is discussed as it aims to support OHFA's first-time homeowners by providing free education and financial tools through the Keep app.

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  • Healthy Beginnings

    Reducing Infant Mortality through Housing Assistance

    Our latest podcast discusses the Healthy Beginnings at Home program – a housing stabilization pilot program for pregnant women in Columbus, OH, COVID-19 impacts, racial disparities in pregnancy & more.

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  • SOI Discrimination

    Building Equity Through Source of Income Protection

    Source of income (SOI) discrimination is a practice by which landlords, owners, and real estate brokers refuse to rent to prospective tenants seeking to pay for housing with housing assistance vouchers, subsidies, or other forms of public assistance.

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  • Rural Housing in Ohio

    Rural Housing, Health, and Prosperity: A Closer Look

    Our latest podcast dispels myths of rural America, discusses the importance of health equity in rural areas and covers how COVID-19 has affected these particular regions.

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  • Gentrification

    Developing Neighborhoods and the Complexities of Gentrification

    In the latest episode of the Doorsteps podcast, Michael Wilkos of United Way of Central Ohio joins Dr. Cody Price to talk about the growing challenge of high housing costs and neighborhood development, and one Columbus neighborhood where government intervention has seen positive results: Weinland Park.

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  • State of Housing

    The State of Housing in Ohio

    In the latest episode of the Doorsteps podcast, Dr. Cody Price is joined by his colleague, Devin Keithley, to share key points of the annual Housing Needs Assessment. The podcast reveals crucial housing trends and challenges, changes to the HNA and critical data, including the addition of a COVID-19 section.

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  • Mental Health

    A Roof Over Your Head: Mental Health in Trying Times

    The stigmas that surround mental illness, paired with the lack of mental health resources, can wreak havoc on individuals and families. When a support system is not available, those with mental illness are vulnerable to homelessness and incarceration.

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  • Move to Prosper

    Higher Opportunity in Affordable Housing: Move to Prosper

    Children have the ability to do very well when they move to a higher opportunity community. Move to Prosper founders sought to test this in Columbus, Ohio, the second most economically separated region in the U.S.

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  • Disaster Strikes

    Disaster Strikes – Now What?

    Disasters come in many forms and have consequences beyond initial impact. It's estimated that Ohio homeowners spent nearly $437 million in disaster repairs from 2013-2015.

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  • Community Reinvestment Act

    No Community Reinvestment Act, No Community Development: Proposed Changes to the CRA

    In 1977, the Community Reinvestment Act was passed to prevent redlining and discriminatory lending practices that came with it. Since its inception, total investment in disenfranchised communities is about $2 trillion dollars. Proposed changes to CRA could impact the way CRA works and how banks invest in the neighborhoods that need it most.

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  • Housing and Transportation

    Closing the Gap on Housing and Transportation

    For residents across the country, there is a direct connection between housing and transportation, and both have immense impact on how we live our lives. For most households, especially low-income, transportation is the second largest expense after housing.

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  • Historic Rehab

    Tricks and Treats of Historic Rehab

    Old buildings don't have to be scary, or come to a chilling end. Through historic rehabilitation, these architectural gems with their antique and aged features can be preserved and brought to new life.

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  • OHFA Homebuyer Process

    What to Expect When You're Buy a Home

    Our latest podcast answers common homeownership questions and walks through some OHFA homebuyer programs that help make buying a house or condo easier.

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  • LIHTC Residents

    Investing in LIHTC Residents

    A safe, decent, and affordable home can help improve the economic mobility of a low-income resident. Coupling this with proper amenities and services can help bolster the resident's success and economic security. Learn more in this episode of Doorsteps.

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  • National Housing Week of Action

    National Housing Week of Action with COHHIO

    The National Housing Week of Action (#OurHomesOurVoices) is May 30 through June 5. Advocates will call attention to the need for increased investment in affordable housing by making the affordable rental housing shortage a national priority.

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  • Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood

    Revitalizing Over-the-Rhine

    Over the past 30 years, community developers have transformed Over-the-Rhine, an historic neighborhood in Cincinnati, OH. In this episode of Doorsteps, learn how the Model Group's efforts can help protect neighborhood residents and be replicated to other neighborhoods.

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  • Public Art

    Transforming Community through Public Art

    Public art has long been recognized as a tool to connect people with places. In this episode of Doorsteps, Dr. Cody Price speaks with David Wilson from LAND Studio, a non-profit organization in Cleveland about the importance of public art, and how it can have a positive effect in the community.

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  • Ohio's Opioid Epidemic

    Housing and the Opioid Epidemic in Ohio

    Ohio is one of the states with the highest opioid related deaths, with over 3,600 deaths in 2016. While drug addiction certainly affects the health of the user, opioid abuse can also have harmful impacts on families and communities. Adequate and affordable housing plays a role in off-setting these impacts.

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  • Kaleidoscope Youth Center

    Why Ohio's LGBTQ Youth Are Vulnerable to Homelessness

    According to the Williams Institute, 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. What issues are these youths facing that make them particularly vulnerable to homelessness?

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  • Working Families

    Homes That Work for Working Families

    The state of Ohio needs housing that is suited to the needs of working families. When developing housing, how can organizations help families improve their lives while also providing safe, stable and affordable homes?

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  • Evicted

    Evicted: Tenants' Rights and Unsafe Housing

    Housing stock for low-income residents is aging, and housing conditions show it, from lead-based paint to poor heating systems and more. This poor-quality housing often leads to eviction, housing code violations and other hazards. How can residents avoid eviction and find a safe place to call home?

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  • Evicted

    Evicted: No Place to Call Home

    In 2016, over 100,000 evictions were filed in Ohio alone. What is at the root of this housing instability, and how do we tackle these issues in a cost-effective and humane way?

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  • Senior Tsunami

    The Senior Tsunami

    Welcome to the first episode of Doorsteps, a podcast by OHFA's Office of Research and Analytics. Join Dr. Cody Price, Research Analyst at OHFA, as he discusses housing in the state of Ohio and the challenges Ohioans face in the place they call home.

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  • Doorsteps Podcast

    Doorsteps: What Is Affordable Housing? (And What It's Not)

    Welcome to the first episode of Doorsteps, a podcast by OHFA's Office of Research and Analytics. Join Dr. Cody Price, Research Analyst at OHFA, as he discusses housing in the state of Ohio and the challenges Ohioans face in the place they call home.

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