Building Equity Through Source of Income Protection

SOI Discrimination

Source of income (SOI) discrimination is a practice by which landlords, owners, and real estate brokers refuse to rent to prospective tenants seeking to pay for housing with housing assistance vouchers, subsidies, or other forms of public assistance. Since Ohio is a home rule state, municipalities can pass laws to govern themselves, including the passage of SOI discrimination legislation that expands protections of the Fair Housing Act.

In this episode of the Doorsteps podcast, OHFA's Kelan Craig and Dr. Cody Price are joined by Bexley's Mayor Ben Kessler and Council President Lori Ann Feibel to discuss how Bexley became the 6th community in Ohio and the first in central Ohio to pass a SOI protection ordinance and why this legislation matters. They discuss how SOI protections help support community efforts to build equity. To learn more about SOI protection ordinances please visit OHFA's website at SOI Discrimination.

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