Closing the Gap on Housing and Transportation

Housing and Transportation

For residents across the country, there is a direct connection between housing and transportation, and both have immense impact on how we live our lives. For most households, especially low-income, transportation is the second largest expense after housing. Limited transportation impacts access to good jobs, healthy food, doctor appointments, school and other resources important for success.

Developers and community partners are in a position to close the gap between where people live and where they need to go. Properties like Aspen Place are a prime example of how developers can work with their communities' transportation system to give residents access and help their communities thrive.

In this episode of the Doorsteps podcast, Dr. Cody Price talks with Dr. Alison Goebel on transportation issues and solutions in Ohio. As Director of the Greater Ohio Policy Center, Dr. Goebel and her organization use research and policy for improving Ohio's communities.

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