Stories of Home

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency is proud to present Stories of Home – a blog that features current happenings in the housing industry and also highlights those that have been positively impacted by our Agency's work.

  • Speigel Grove

    The President Lived Here: A Tour of Ohio's Presidential Homes

    Ohio is sometimes referred to as the "Mother of Presidents". Seven American presidents were born in the Buckeye State. Of all the Ohio residences these men called home in their lives, only 12 are still standing. To mark Presidents' Day, we have mapped all 12 historic Ohio homes across the state.

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  • Valentine's Day

    Dating Hot Spots in Ohio

    February 14 is widely associated with expressions of love. While couples get lavished with attention on Valentine's Day, we really want to know -- Where are the best places to live in Ohio if you are single and ready to mingle?

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  • Rural Housing in Ohio

    Rural Housing, Health, and Prosperity: A Closer Look

    Our latest podcast dispels myths of rural America, discusses the importance of health equity in rural areas and covers how COVID-19 has affected these particular regions.

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  • Evictions in Ohio

    Evictions in Ohio Cities Down in 2020, Uncertainty Ahead

    Last year, eviction filings in the Franklin County, Hamilton County and Cleveland Municipal Courts were down 32, 35 and 51 percent, respectively, from the average over the prior five-year period. Learn more about the ramifications this presents in our latest infographic.

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  • MLK & Fair Housing

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Fair Housing

    Did you know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. help lay the foundation for the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which made it illegal to discriminate against anyone looking to rent, buy or access financing for housing nationwide?

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  • Top Blog Posts

    Top 10 Most Viewed Stories of Home Posts in 2020

    Major themes from our top 10 blogs and podcasts include homeownership, evictions, racial disparities and homelessness. If you haven't already, be sure to check them out, and thank you for being a listener and/or reader!

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  • Homelessness in Ohio

    Holiday Lights by the Numbers

    A recent survey showed that 63% of American households plan to decorate the exterior of their homes for the holidays this year. That amounts to around two million single-family homes in Ohio that will be lit up for the holidays.

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  • Homelessness in Ohio

    Homelessness in Ohio

    A new report from the Ohio Human Services Data Warehouse finds the number of Ohioans experiencing homelessness continues to rise. The number of people experiencing homelessness has grown consistently, increasing by 30.8% between 2012 and 2018.

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  • Thanksgiving Fun

    Thanksgiving Fun

    As we approach winter, we also arrive at a time to give thanks. To celebrate, we put together a few maps to highlight where to see live turkeys, fun fall activities, and one of the best ways to show thanks. Check out our Thanksgiving analysis to see them all.

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  • Gentrification

    Developing Neighborhoods and the Complexities of Gentrification

    In the latest episode of the Doorsteps podcast, Michael Wilkos of United Way of Central Ohio joins Dr. Cody Price to talk about the growing challenge of high housing costs and neighborhood development, and one Columbus neighborhood where government intervention has seen positive results: Weinland Park.

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