Higher Opportunity in Affordable Housing: Move to Prosper

Move to Prosper

Across the country, people's life chances are influenced by the neighborhood they live in and the resources they have in those neighborhoods. Children especially, have the ability to do very well when they move to a higher opportunity community. Move to Prosper founders sought to test this in Columbus, Ohio, the second most economically separated region in the U.S.

In the latest episode of the Doorsteps Podcast, Dr. Cody Price is joined by Amy Klaben, Dr. Rachel Kleit and Dr. Jason Reece of the Move to Proper project. Modeled after the Moving to Opportunity for Fair Housing study, Move to Prosper is a pilot program for single working moms who want to move to safe neighborhoods with high performing schools. It provides rental support, one-on-one coaching on housing mobility, finances, education and help and peer support for three years. The program also works with private sector landlords who might not otherwise rent to these families because of income limits, their rental history or their credit score.

With the goal to stabilize families to influence the life changes of kids, Move to Prosper is working with a new model of housing, short-term subsidies. As it moves into its third year of the program, the program follows its 10 participating families, looking closely at its impact. Are families going to the ER as much? Does the program reduce chronic stress and address mental health issues? How does that impact their quality of life? Dr. Cody Price and his Move to Prosper guests answer these questions, and much more, in the latest episode of the Doorsteps Podcast.

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