The State of Housing in Ohio

State of Housing

Housing is connected to many aspects of everyday life. For many, housing is a large portion of their monthly budget. Where you live impacts your access to healthcare, transportation, quality of education, and more. Yet, in Ohio, there is a shortage of housing across the state, racial inequality in rentership and homeownership, and an aging housing stock. Those are just a few key trends found in this year's Housing Needs Assessment.

Each year, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency releases the Housing Needs Assessment. OHFA's research team spends months gathering, reviewing and compiling data in order to highlight the key trends of housing in Ohio. The HNA helps to gauge housing needs of the state and identify gaps. These results help to guide the Agency in developing policy and prioritizing strategies for action.

In the latest episode of the Doorsteps podcast, Dr. Cody Price is joined by his colleague, Devin Keithley, OHFA's Data Quality Assurance Coordinator. Devin shares housing trends and challenges, changes to the HNA and critical data, including the addition of a COVID-19 section.

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