Holiday Lights by the Numbers

This holiday season many Ohioans will be showing their cheer by hanging colorful lights and adorning their homes with festive decorations. A recent survey showed that 63% of American households plan to decorate the exterior of their homes for the holidays this year. That amounts to around two million single-family homes in Ohio that will be lit up for the holidays.

The typical household will hang at least 1,650 lights, or 375 feet strung together, on their homes and in their front yards, according to a national report on holiday trends. More enthusiastic displays can include as many as 25,000 lights, or over 8,000 feet. On average, we estimate Ohioans will decorate their homes with over 4,000 lights, or almost 1,500 feet. In total, if all the exterior holiday lights in Ohio were strung together, they would total 13.8 billion light bulbs and stretch 931,749 miles, or 3.9 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

Assuming a household would keep the lights on at least five hours in the evening per day for the entire month of December, this would increase average monthly electric bill by $60.22 if using incandescent light bulbs. If using more energy-efficient LED bulbs, the increase would only be an extra $7.94, a cost-saving and eco-friendly upgrade.

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Holiday Lights by the Numbers

Source: Christmas Lights, Etc. Christmas Trends Report; Rocket Homes Research; U.S. Census Bureau