New Regional Housing Needs Assessments Focus on Local Housing Challenges

Regional Housing Needs Assessments

OHFA's Office of Research and Analytics regularly evaluates the state's housing to gauge needs, identify gaps, and highlight key trends. For the first time, OHFA has released five Regional Housing Needs Assessments to spotlight the unique housing challenges within each region of Ohio. This information will help local partners and policymakers better understand the scale and scope of these regional challenges and establish the basis upon which we build priorities for action. Check out some highlights below:

Central Ohio

The Central Ohio region has experienced significant increases in population over the last decade. While this has placed stress on the housing infrastructure in the area, OHFA has continued to support the region in providing housing to the population. Since the start of the Agency, OHFA has assisted over 45,000 homebuyers in the region. To learn more about the Central Ohio region's housing needs and OHFA's impact, visit here.

Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio built its economy on manufacturing. While the manufacturing sector was hit hard in the early 2000s, the region is rebounding economically and in the housing market. OHFA has assisted over 62,000 local homebuyers and helped to develop or preserve over 44,000 affordable housing units in the region. Learn more about Northeast Ohio's challenges and how OHFA continues to help Northeast Ohioans find a place to call home.

Northwest Ohio

Northwest Ohio has been a strong but affordable housing market. The region has provided affordable single-family homes, though a relatively high rate of rentership compared to other regions of the state. To help house the region's renters, OHFA has built or preserved over 17,000 affordable rental units in the region. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities that the Northwest Ohio region faces.

Southeast Ohio

Southeast Ohio has undergone substantial changes since the mid-twentieth century, including substantial population loss. Home prices, however, are lower than the state median. This has made homeownership more affordable for homebuyers. Since 1983, OHFA has helped over 7,000 Southeast Ohio homebuyers with the purchase of a home. Learn more about the affordable housing challenges and how OHFA has helped in financing and encouraging the development of affordable housing and homeownership options.

Southwest Ohio

Home prices are rising fast in Southwest Ohio. A rise in home prices combined with low rates of construction and low rental vacancy rates has decreased rental affordability over the last decade. To address this need, OHFA has helped with the development of over 34,000 affordable rental units. Learn more about the housing challenges in Southwest Ohio and OHFA has impacted the region.

To see the full, interactive Ohio Housing Needs Assessment, as well as past assessments, click here.