• Program Compliance

For owners or managers of rental properties financed through an OHFA loan or Housing Tax Credits, the Compliance Division is the best resource for meeting reporting requirements, maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring your project's ongoing financial viability.

For compliance-related questions, please refer to our questions and answers section.

Compliance Links

  • Compliance Policies

    As regulations and programs evolve, OHFA makes updates to the compliance rules and procedures associated with our various projects and programs. We've provided the following forms, documents and information to help with compliance to OHFA's policies and to ensure your project's success.

  • Reporting & Compliance Forms

    Property managers or owners of OHFA-funded communities need to complete various forms in order to certify your residents are qualifying for housing.

  • Compliance & DevCo Help Desk

    Need help with a Compliance or DevCo question/issue? Please use our automated help desk. This will help OHFA more efficiently track the number and types of inquiries received and allow us to target resources to better serve you.

  • Asset Management & Project Changes

    The Division of Asset Management aims to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of projects funded through its programs and satisfy requirements set forth in each program's regulatory framework.

  • DevCo Resources

    The DevCo portal will allow organizations working with OHFA to manage information about their awards and projects.