The Office of Research and Analytics

The Office of Research and Analytics uses research and data to drive the Agency's mission of providing an affordable place to call home for all Ohioans. In partnership with universities, state agencies, and community-based organizations, the Office of Research and Analytics produces high quality data and actionable research that guides affordable housing policies throughout the state. Check out our new Ohio Housing Needs Assessment to learn more about housing-related issues across the state.

Latest News

  • Hispanic Housing Insecurity

    DataByte: Housing Insecurity Among Hispanic Ohioans Varies by Region of Origin

    National origin is one of the protected characteristics under Title VIII of the Fair Housing Act and includes people of Hispanic or Latinx ethnicity. According to the 2022 American Community Survey, over 500,000 Ohioans identify as Hispanic.

  • Infant Mortality

    Infant Mortality and Why It Matters

    The infant mortality rate in a state or local community reflects the social, economic, and environmental conditions in which children and families live. The recent spike in Ohio's infant mortality rate suggests that the conditions in which Ohioans live could be declining, which may include the lack of affordable stable housing.

  • New Builds in Ohio

    New Builds in Ohio: A Changing & Challenging Housing Landscape

    Reports of the housing shortage have been dominant in the public consciousness for the past several years. At OHFA, we are identifying the various causes of this shortage and implementing programs to address it.

  • Ohio Mortgage Loan Denial Rate

    DATABYTE: Mortgage Loan Denial Rate in Ohio Varies by Loan Purpose and Race

    For Ohioans applying for a mortgage loan, we found that the likelihood of being denied by a lender can vary considerably depending on factors such as the purpose of the loan or the race of the applicant.