The Office of Housing Policy

The Office of Housing Policy is dedicated to using research-based data to drive the Ohio Housing Finance Agency's (OHFA) mission, "We open the doors to an affordable place to call home," for Ohio families. Staffed by OHFA, the office works in partnership with The Ohio State University and collaborates with other colleges, universities and partners to engage research to guide affordable housing policies.

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  • State of Housing

    The State of Housing in Ohio

    In the latest episode of the Doorsteps podcast, Dr. Cody Price is joined by his colleague, Devin Keithley, to share key points of the annual Housing Needs Assessment. The podcast reveals crucial housing trends and challenges, changes to the HNA and critical data, including the addition of a COVID-19 section.

  • Housing Needs Assessment

    Coronavirus Pandemic Exacerbates Pre-Existing Housing Insecurities, Report Says

    Since the onset of COVID-19, 90-day mortgage delinquencies in Ohio have seen an upswing, indicating potential for an increase in foreclosure rates in months to come. That is just one key finding of the Housing Needs Assessment, a yearly evaluation of Ohio's housing trends and challenges.

  • Social Vulnerability

    Where Ohioans are Most Vulnerable to Disaster or Outbreak

    Knowing where the most vulnerable populations live is crucial in preparing for disasters. Identifying these communities can help in estimating the amount of needed supplies or emergency response, communicating and mobilizing for evacuations or finding the best location for community outreach centers to provide beds, testing or financial assistance.