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  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving Fun

    As we approach the winter season, we also arrive at a time to give thanks. To celebrate, we put together a few maps to highlight where to see live turkeys, fun fall activities, and one of the best ways to show thanks. Check out our Thanksgiving analysis to see them all.

  • Gentrification

    Developing Neighborhoods and the Complexities of Gentrification

    In the latest episode of the Doorsteps podcast, Michael Wilkos of United Way of Central Ohio joins Dr. Cody Price to talk about the growing challenge of high housing costs and neighborhood development, and one Columbus neighborhood where government intervention has seen positive results: Weinland Park.

  • Halloween

    Even Dust and Bones Need a Place to Call Home

    While we know Ohio has a lack of decent, affordable housing for the living, the Halloween season got us wondering: How much "housing" is needed for the dead?

  • Domestic Violence

    Surviving Domestic Violence while Surviving a Pandemic

    When a survivor of domestic violence decides to leave, fear is a natural response. But imagine deciding to leave an abusive environment in the midst of a pandemic. Because many people are not leaving home as often, the danger is more pronounced.

  • State of Housing

    The State of Housing in Ohio

    In the latest episode of the Doorsteps podcast, Dr. Cody Price is joined by his colleague, Devin Keithley, to share key points of the annual Housing Needs Assessment. The podcast reveals crucial housing trends and challenges, changes to the HNA and critical data, including the addition of a COVID-19 section.