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  • Request for Proposal

    OHFA Issues RFP for Banking Services

    OHFA is seeking proposals from qualified Financial Institutions to provide banking services in accordance with state and federal requirements and to address the depository needs of OHFA from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2024.

  • Top Blog Posts

    The President Lived Here: A Tour of Ohio's Presidential Homes

    Ohio is sometimes referred to as the "Mother of Presidents". Seven American presidents were born in the Buckeye State. Of all the Ohio residences these men called home in their lives, only 12 are still standing. To mark Presidents' Day, we have mapped all 12 historic Ohio homes across the state.

  • Valentine's Day

    Dating Hot Spots in Ohio

    February 14 is widely associated with expressions of love. While couples get lavished with attention on Valentine's Day, we really want to know -- Where are the best places to live in Ohio if you are single and ready to mingle?

  • Rural Housing in Ohio

    Rural Housing, Health, and Prosperity: A Closer Look

    Our latest podcast dispels myths of rural America, discusses the importance of health equity in rural areas and covers how COVID-19 has affected these particular regions.

  • Evictions in Ohio

    Evictions in Ohio Cities Down in 2020, Uncertainty Ahead

    Last year, eviction filings in the Franklin County, Hamilton County and Cleveland Municipal Courts were down 32, 35 and 51 percent, respectively, from the average over the prior five-year period. Learn more about the ramifications this presents in our latest infographic.