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  • Social Vulnerability

    Where Ohioans are Most Vulnerable to Disaster or Outbreak

    Knowing where the most vulnerable populations live is crucial in preparing for disasters. Identifying these communities can help in estimating the amount of needed supplies or emergency response, communicating and mobilizing for evacuations or finding the best location for community outreach centers to provide beds, testing or financial assistance.

  • Addiction Recovery

    Community Over Isolation: Addiction Recovery in the Age of COVID-19

    Addiction recovery is a journey without an arrival date. Every day free from drugs and/or alcohol is a victory. But when a pandemic threatens to upend the recovery journey, what happens?

  • Racial Inequality

    These Five Charts Show the True Struggle for Black Homeownership

    Owning a home is arguably one of the best ways to build equity and intergenerational wealth. For many Black Ohioans, purchasing a home and the wealth-building benefits that come with homeownership are often difficult or out of reach.

  • Mental Health

    A Roof Over Your Head: Mental Health in Trying Times

    The stigmas that surround mental illness, paired with the lack of mental health resources, can wreak havoc on individuals and families. When a support system is not available, those with mental illness are vulnerable to homelessness and incarceration.