OHFA's Latest News

  • Spring Cleaning

    Prepping Your Home for Spring

    The arrival of flowers, awakening of trees, and warmer temperatures mean spring is here! Spring is a great time to clean your home from top to bottom inside and outside. When creating your to-do list for this annual ritual, here are some things to consider.

  • OHFA Issues Request for Proposals

    OHFA Issues RFP for Security Services

    OHFA is seeking proposals from qualified Private Investigation and Security Guard firms to provide security guard services in accordance with requirements as specified in this RFP. OHFA intends to select a security services company to provide services at OHFA's offices headquartered at 2600 Corporate Exchange Dr., Columbus, OH from July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2027.

  • Hispanic Housing Insecurity

    DataByte: Housing Insecurity Among Hispanic Ohioans Varies by Region of Origin

    National origin is one of the protected characteristics under Title VIII of the Fair Housing Act and includes people of Hispanic or Latinx ethnicity. According to the 2022 American Community Survey, over 500,000 Ohioans identify as Hispanic.

  • Building Credit Scores

    Building Your Credit Score

    A strong credit score is important when securing a mortgage loan, so we recently asked Ohio's housing counseling agencies for their top suggestions for individuals wanting to build or improve their credit or FICO® scores.

  • OHFA Issues Request for Proposals

    OHFA Issues RFP for Construction Site Visits & Monitoring Services

    OHFA is seeking qualified independent firms to conduct site visits and construction monitoring for LIHTC, HOME, HOME-ARP, CDBG-DR, FHA Risk Share, NHTF, 811 PRA, and OHTF-funded projects in accordance with required application criteria, and applicable federal and state accessibility laws and regulations as specified in this RFP.