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Welcome to OHFA's resource center for lenders. We are pleased to partner with a network of lenders to provide homebuyer products throughout the state of Ohio. OHFA offers homebuyer loans, down payment assistance, mortgage tax credits and other products to qualified buyers. Our goal is to make sure our lending partners understand the OHFA loan process. We offer a variety of resources, including in-office trainings for lending staff. For questions about our programs or becoming an OHFA enrolled lender, please email this address or call 614.466.9920.

Lender Online

Go to Lender OnlineParticipating lenders can use our password-protected online system to submit loan reservations, check loan status, download pre-filled product forms and view updates and special product announcements. Visit Lender Online to log on and get started now.

Online Training: Register for a Mortgage Professionals web-based training course.

Course Descriptions

Becoming an OHFA Expert
This course will review all aspects of OHFA programs, loan processing, down payment assistance and mortgage tax credits. Eligibility criteria and program combinations will be reviewed, so mortgage professionals understand how these programs can help their clients achieve homeownership.

Mortgage Tax Credit
This course will provide an in-depth review of OHFA's Mortgage Tax Credit Program, which can save homebuyers thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage.

Lender Online, Processing, Closing and Post-Closing
This course is presented in video format and teaches the learner how to use the Lender Online Reservation System.

OHFA Home Purchase Options

A comparison of available OHFA single family purchase products detailing eligibility requirements, income limits, interest rates, loan types, credit scores and fees:

Become an OHFA Lending Partner

Learn how you can take advantage of OHFA Homeownership Products to help more Ohioans achieve homeownership. Please view the participation requirements in the section below. To become a participating lender please contact:

Tom Walker
Business Development Manager
Ohio Housing Finance Agency
2600 Corporate Exchange Dr.
Columbus, OH 43231


Please call US Bank at (800) 365-7772 to request payoff information; you may also fax a request to (800) 200-8772. The 1st mortgage payoff from US Bank will include a line item showing the payoff for the 2nd. Please contact loanadmin@ohiohome.org with questions.

Grants for Grads Forgiveness

Please email an executed purchase contract or rental agreement showing an Ohio address to loanadmin@ohiohome.org to request forgiveness of remaining balance.

Subordination Policy

In an effort to assist homeowners who are trying to refinance their mortgages, OHFA has established policies regarding subordinations.

Down Payment Assistance second mortgages originated on or after 9/1/2015 cannot be subordinated due to the way the funding programs are structured. Please call US Bank at 800.365.7772 or fax a payoff request to 800.200.8772. The first mortgage payoff from US Bank will include a line item showing the payoff for the second.

Grants for Grads second mortgages originated at any time are eligible for subordination, but a borrower cannot get cash out. Please submit the required documents shown below by secure email to loanadmin@ohiohome.org or fax to 614.644.5393.

  • Completed request form signed by all borrowers on the OHFA second mortgage
  • Requestor's email address on request form
  • Preliminary closing disclosure (no loan estimates) showing no cash to borrower
  • Copy of the first page of recorded OHFA second mortgage
  • Postage-paid return label
  • $100 non-refundable fee to OHFA; ACH instructions will be emailed upon receipt of request

Click here for the Subordination Request Form. Allow 3 business days for OHFA to process the subordination.

For other types of OHFA second mortgages, please email the borrower name and address to loanadmin@ohiohome.org.

OHFA Products

Buyers can add one or more of the following options to an OHFA FHA, VA, USDA-RD or conventional mortgage loan:

Downloadable Lender Documents

Product Guidelines

Ohio Housing Finance Agency is committed to providing access and inclusion and reasonable accommodation in its services, activities, programs and employment opportunities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable laws.

To request a reasonable accommodation due to a disability please contact DeHavlyn Wainwright, ADA Coordinator, no later than 48 hours prior to event.

Online Training: Register for a Mortgage Professionals web-based training course.

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