DevCo Release Notes

  • DevCo Release Notes

DevCo Release Updates

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) has released several changes/updates* to DevCo Online over time.

*Please note there are no links available for months in which no updates were made.


  • Winter 2018/2019

    – Expanded Help Desk, new banner, added specificity to award/funding descriptions, added LIHTC rent and income summary tables, multiple tenant event updates


  • Summer/Fall 2018

    – Income limits for income averaging, TIC update, updated tenant event functionality, adjust income component mechanics, improved transfer event functionality

  • February 2018

    – Income & rent checks


  • December 2017

    – Date triggered listings, rent & income selections, VAWA AOC, compliance training AOC

  • October 2017

    – Updated TIC (income/rent Part V/VI, demographics Part VIII), updated income/rent compliance checks

  • July 2017

    – Delete on utility allowance entry

  • March 2017

    – Auto-hide import events after submission

  • January 2017

    – Unit info (locked), HDAP rent/income, funding program on events, current income (locked), income entry text (added)


  • December 2016

    – XML upload, false errors/warnings (removed), upload documents feature

  • October 2016

    – Demographics, SS# last 4 digits, broker license AOC, property review status (editing), UA effective dates, tenant event certification date, TIC printing

  • August 2016

    – TIC PDF printing, bug with export events (IE only)

  • July 2016

    – DBA project names, compliance analyst, unit name, building info (locked), utility allowance screen, UA alert, AOC contacts, finalize year receipt

  • May 2016

    – UA date verified, bug correction event details

  • February 2016

    – Rent/Income limit corrections, search by DBA, AOR letter improvements, active award listing, property issues text, warning/error colors, browser compatibility

  • January 2016

    – Annual Tenant Data Receipt, reporting years sequential, show all reporting years filter, tenant events dates, XML upload improvements