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Quick Reference Guides

These quick reference guides are for DevCo (Compliance) Online System and cover specific steps or issues that commonly occur.

  • Document Import Feature (234 KB Adobe PDF File) – 4/7/17
    Upload review related documents into DevCo for review by OHFA analysts.

  • Show All Reporting Years (208 KB Adobe PDF File) – 2/11/16
    To view reporting years that aren't listed by default use this one page guide.

DevCo Compliance User Guide

These guides will assist you through our Online DevCo System. The guides focus on compliance and will take you through the registration of your organization and getting permissions to your projects through finalizing a project. The screens may change slightly due to updates.

Table of Contents

I. Accessing and Registering in DevCo

  • New User Registration (Step 1)
  • Organization Code (Step 2)
  • Access Type (Step 4)
  • Programs Screen Overview (Homepage)

II. Manage (Property) Users

III. Viewing and Adding Additional Projects

  • A. View Projects for which you have DevCo approved permissions
  • B. Adding Additional Projects to your Properties Listing

IV. Accessing More than One Organization

V. Adding Utility Allowance(s) (UA) to a project

  • Copy and Update UA to New Year (Step 8)
  • Owner Paid Utilities (Step 9)

VI. Viewing and Adding Project Information

  • A. Property Listings
  • B. Property Details Screen
  • C. Building Details Screen
  • D. Unit Information Screen

VII. Tenant Income Certifications

  • A. Event Details- Manually Adding TICs (current Move-ins & Recertifications)
  • B. Compliance Checks – Errors and Warning
  • C. Viewing & Printing the Tenant Income Certifications (TIC)
  • D. Other Event Updates
  • E. Entering Historic Move-in Events

VIII. Using the Data Import Function (XML Upload)

The XML Upload section will be updated soon. Please refer to these materials:

IX. Finalize Year – (Submit Tenant Events)

X. Annual Certification

For questions regarding use of DevCo for compliance or other issues please use the DevCo Helpdesk.