OHFA 2021 Fourth Quarter Agency at a Glance

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 7 - 2022 FIRST QUARTER Office of Research and Analytics The Office of Research and Analytics kicked off the New Year with the release of five regional housing needs assessments that highlight key housing trends in each area of the state. Check out the links below to explore housing-related issues in your community. • Central Ohio • Northeast Ohio • Northwest Ohio • Southeast Ohio • Southwest Ohio Internally, Housing Policy has been supporting the pilot phase and rollout of the Save the Dream Ohio program, which helps eligible Ohio homeowners who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We established data collection methods and tools that will enable OHFA to track the progress of the program and fulfill reporting requirements for the U.S. Department of Treasury. We are also collaborating with partners at The Ohio State University (OSU) to further analyze how Ohio homeowners have been affected by COVID-19. In March, the Annual Planning process began with the first meeting of the Annual Plan Board Committee. OHFA has shifted to a two- year plan, making updates to the plan in the off years. This year will be the first update year and we will post the updated draft on our website on May 2nd. Comments can be submitted via email to the Office of Research and Analytics. Over the next few months, we will work with stakeholders and housing experts to solidify our strategic initiatives for the upcoming year and publish the final version of the Annual Plan in July. CHELSEA BUCKWALTER DIRECTOR OF HOUSING POLICY