OHFA 2021 Fourth Quarter Agency at a Glance

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 9 - 2022 FIRST QUARTER 2021 EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR CHELSEA BUCKWALTER Director of Housing Policy Chelsea Buckwalter's has been recognized as the Ohio Housing Finance Agency's 2021 Employee of the Year! Her work as a Research Analyst in the Office of Housing Policy has made her a valuable resource to both our housing policy team and partners. Chelsea’s work and that of the Office of Housing Policy serves as an integral piece to completing OHFA's mission. OHFA values and appreciates the work that Chelsea does in a pivotal role that collaborates with every office within the agency. Chelsea has done amazing work in Tableau working with PC's management team to create a new way to track portfolios. Her hard work will allow us to move forward with ease. In addition, she has created a dashboard for the Next Steps team and there are multiple new dashboards in the works. Chelsea is creative, hardworking, and always willing to lend a hand on any project. It should also be noted that she was recently promoted to the Director of the Office of Housing Policy. Congratulations Chelsea! 2021 EMPLOYEES OF THE QUARTER First Quarter Chelsea Buckwalter Office of Housing Policy Second Quarter Brant Bell Office of Information Technology Third Quarter Chelsea Buckwalter Office of Housing Policy Fourth Quarter Eric Corthell Office of Multifamily Housing