OHFA 2021 Fourth Quarter Agency at a Glance

2022 is off to a great start here at OHFA. We launched the spring advertising campaign, the Save the Dream Ohio program, as well as a new program to provide homeowners more flexibility in their financing options. The spring advertising campaign, titled "Homeownership. Make it Part of Your Future", highlights the various ways OHFA can help potential first time homebuyers, and is currently running on various radio stations and in newspapers across Ohio. The Communications and Marketing team also is working closely with the Office of Single Family Housing to promote the Save the Dream Ohio program, which helps homeowners that have been financially impacted by the pandemic. Look for more detail on page 2 . The Over 80% Area Median Income (AMI) Conventional Loan developed by the Office of Single Family Housing - Residential Lending Division will help OHFA products remain competitive after the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) imposed restrictions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Office continues to educate lenders on OHFA products at events that are now in-person, and reports that 1,411 loans have been reserved in the first quarter. The Office of Research and Analytics released five regional housing needs assessments this quarter, and initiated the Annual Plan update for 2022. OHFA also testified in the Federal Subsidized Housing Study Committee at the Ohio Statehouse and participated in a roundtable in Newark to discuss the new Intel plant ’s impact on housing in central Ohio. The Office of Multifamily Housing Development expects to release the final scoring results for the 2022 competitive 9% Housing Tax Credit program in May. In addition, they have been involved in the drafting plan for the HOME- ARP funds. The Multifamily Housing Compliance Division has been busy processing Annual Owner Reporting submissions, launching a resident concerns helpdesk, and updating compliance forms. They also have been completing 2022 physical inspection requirements. 2 Single Family Housing: Housing Preservation Update 3 Single Family Housing: Residential Lending Update 4 Office of Public Affairs Update 5 Office of Multifamily Housing: Compliance Update 6 Office of Multifamily Housing: Development Update 7 Office of Research and Analytics Update 8 Employee News WAYSTOKEEP INTOUCH: JOINOUR EMAILLIST: 2022 FIRST QUARTER AGENCY AT A GLANCE