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Compliance Next Steps Meetings

The Compliance Next Steps Meeting provides an opportunity to ensure all parties involved with OHFA-funded multifamily properties are aware of federal and state regulations. The meeting fosters partnership between OHFA and property contacts. Owners and management agents will be required to participate in the following meetings:

  • Initial compliance next steps meeting which is held based on the following criteria:
    • New Construction: when the project reaches the 50 percent construction completion point. The owner will indicate the 50 percent construction completion point, or estimated point on the OHFA Quarterly Construction Monitoring Form.
    • Acquisition/Rehabilitation: when the property is transferred to the new ownership entity. Owners must indicate the date, or expected date, of this ownership transfer in the OHFA Quarterly Construction Monitoring Form.
    • HDAP-only: held after gap financing with OHFA has closed.
  • Check-in call(s)

All correspondence or inquires on the Compliance Next Steps Process should be sent to the Discussions at the Compliance Next Steps meetings will be tailored to the specific requirements and progress of the project.

OHFA requires owners to submit the Summary Confirmation Form, Amenities Checklist and other documentation as outlined on page 2 of the Summary Confirmation Form.