LIHTC Property Sales

  • LIHTC Property Sales

The owners of the properties listed below have pursuant to IRS Code Section 42(h)(6)(E)(i)(II) provided proper notice of intent and requests that the Ohio Housing Finance Agency ("OHFA") find a qualified buyer who will purchase the property at the assigned price. For a one year period, beginning with the date identified are being made available for purchase to qualified entities who will maintain the low-income provisions of the property.

Interested buyers should coordinate with the owner's representative to schedule a site visit and/or possible inspection of the property.

Please be advised that the buyer must agree to operate the property in accordance with the low-income restrictions already in place. The owner will have the choice of any offer at or above the posted qualified contract price.

Qualified Contracts

Name of property:
West Bay Apartments
4711 Bay Run Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43228
Description: 15 Buildings/224 units
Price: $9,799,149.17
Pursuant to IRS Code Section 42(h)(6)(E)(i)(II)

The qualified contract one year period will expire at 5:00pm EST on August 25, 2017. For more information please refer to the following West Bay PDF.


OHFA shall be under no obligation to undertake an investigation of the accuracy of the information submitted with the request for the presentation of a QC. OHFA's review shall not constitute a warranty of the accuracy of the information, nor of the quality or marketability of the housing to be purchased, constructed, or rehabilitated pursuant to the Program. Developers, potential investors, and other interested parties should undertake their own independent evaluation of the feasibility, suitability and risk of the project.