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  • Fair Housing Act 50 Building Opportunity Fund

    OHFA Announces New Fund Aimed at Creating Diverse, Mixed-Income Communities

    The Fair Housing Act 50 Building Opportunity Fund (FHAct50) empowers Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus to distribute $3 million in housing tax credits in a single neighborhood where market trends indicate that affordable housing is most at-risk.

  • Four Ways Removing Blighted and Vacant Properties Stabilizes Communities

    Over the last decade, more research has emerged on how blight affects residents' health. Blighted and vacant properties can lead to neurological disorders, respiratory diseases, asthma, lead poisoning and other serious medical conditions.

  • Evicted

    OHFA Releases 2018 Annual Report

    OHFA utilizes multiple strategies to help more Ohioans find a place they can call home. This past year, with help from our many partners, we addressed the state's diverse housing needs through hard work, innovation and strategic planning.

  • Predicting Evictions: A Look Back on Redlining in Ohio

    Can redlining maps made eight decades ago predict where evictions occur today? Redlining set in motion decades of community disinvestment that has plagued many of these neighborhoods ever since.