Additional Resources

Ohio Preservation Compact: Community Impact Report 2009-2020

Download:   Community Impact Report 2009-2020 (2.52 MB Adobe PDF File)


Ohio Preservation Compact: Community Impact Executive Summary 2009-2020

Download:   Community Impact Executive Summary 2009-2020 (169 KB Adobe PDF File)


Ohio Preservation Compact: Update to the Community

Download:   Update to the Community Progress Report (1.85 MB Adobe PDF File)


National Housing Trust & Novogradac PrezCat

PrezCat: An online, searchable catalogue of state and local affordable housing preservation policies.


Affordable Housing Preservation in the Federal Policy Context
Presentation by Vincent O'Donnell, Vice President, LISC
Ohio Housing Conference – November 29, 2011

Download:   LISC 2011 Ohio Housing Conference Presentation (489 KB Adobe PDF File)


USDA Rules & Regulations:

USDA website specific to Multi-Family Housing Preservation and Revitalization:


Worst Case Housing Needs 2009: A Report to Congress

The report is next in the series of worst case housing needs reports that have been issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) since 1991.

Worst case housing needs (WCN) are experienced by unassisted very low-income renters who either (1) pay more than one-half of their monthly income for rent; or (2) live in severely inadequate conditions, or both. HUD defines "very low-income" as below 50 percent of the local area median income (AMI) and "extremely low-income" as below 30 percent of AMI.

Download:   Worst Case Housing Needs 2009 (7.46 MB Adobe PDF File)


Rental Housing Affordability – A Review of Current Research
A report from the Center for Housing Policy's "Insights" published October 2010.

This brief looks at recent trends among renters and in the rental market, drawing from research conducted with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation by the Center for Housing Policy, the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, and the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

Download:   CHP Insights – Rental Housing Affordability (391 KB Adobe PDF File)


The Ohio Preservation Compact's 2010 Data Brief compiled by Community Research Partners (CRP)

The 2010 data brief highlights data compiled about Ohio's affordable rental housing stock and renter households associated with all major federal funding programs.

Download:   Data Brief | Fall 2010 (386 KB Adobe PDF File)

Download:   Data Brief | Fall 2010 (344 KB Word File)


Affordable Housing Preservation - Building A National Data Infrastructure

The Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing at the University of Florida and the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation's Window of Opportunity: Preserving Affordable Rental Housing program, have launched an initiative to improve data collection and analysis related to the preservation of assisted rental housing.

Download:   Building A National Data Infrastructure (934 KB Adobe PDF File)


Housing Assistance Council - Preserving Rural Rental Housing: A Guide for Nonprofit Organizations, Public Agencies, and Others

This handbook is intended to provide readers with a general understanding of the opportunities available to preserve rental housing funded by the Section 515 multifamily housing program administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Housing and Community Facilities Programs (RD).

Download:   Rural Preservation Guide (1.58 MB Adobe PDF File)


Housing Assistance Council - Best Practices in Revolving Loan Funds for Rural Affordable Housing

According to the National Community Capital Association, "best practices" in the community development lending field are the tools and strategies that best enable community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to adapt to the changing context of their work and to perform as resiliently as possible within their mission areas (Lehr 1998, v). However, what constitutes best practices for one CDFI may not necessarily work for another; as a result, it is necessary to examine carefully the impact of the social and economic context of community lending practices.

Download:   Revolving Loan Funds (2.81 MB Adobe PDF File)


Housing Assistance Council - A Guide to Best Practices in Rural Rental Preservation

This guide offers a number of possible best practices for preservation of affordable apartments financed under the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Section 515 Rural Rental Housing program.

Download:   Rural Preservation Best Practices (934 KB Adobe PDF File)


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - M2M Green Initiative:
The Greening of the M2M Portfolio

HUD introduces its Green Initiative, a nationwide pilot initiative to encourage owners and purchasers of affordable, multifamily properties to rehabilitate and operate their properties using sustainable Green Building principles. These principles comprise sustainability, energy efficiency, recycling, and indoor air quality, and incorporate the "Healthy Housing" approach pioneered by HUD.

Download:   M2M Green Initiative (145 KB Adobe PDF File)


Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University - Preserving Properties on the Edge: Rapid Recycling of Distressed and Abandoned Properties

The problems presented by at risk, vacant and abandoned rental properties are national in scope, although their magnitude varies by state and locality. Given the shortage of affordable rental housing available to low- and moderate-income households, the inadequacy of governmental subsidies and regulatory measures to reduce the price of rental housing, and the cost of what newly-constructed rental housing is being developed, localities can ill afford to have any significant portion of the existing housing stock deteriorate to the point of becoming vacant and then abandoned.

Download:   Preserving Properties on the Edge (103 KB Adobe PDF File)


Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University - America's Rental Housing: Homes for a Diverse Nation

In any given year, some 34 million US households make their homes in rental housing. Like the general population, renters are highly diverse in demographic and income terms, as well as in their reasons for residing where they do. Equally diverse is the nation's $2.7 trillion rental stock, as is the mix of property owners, investors, builders, developers and managers involved in this vital sector of the national economy.

Download:   State of Rental Housing in America (5.84 MB Adobe PDF File)


Local Initiatives Support Corporation - Stemming the Tide: A Handbook on Preserving Subsidized Multifamily Housing

Over the past decade, at least 100,000 units of privately owned, federally subsidized housing have vanished from the nation's housing inventory. In many parts of the country, a strong real estate market has placed thousands of additional affordable units at risk as owners consider converting to market rate housing or non-housing use. In weaker markets, subsidized housing is threatened by disinvestment, default, and foreclosure.

Download:   Stemming the Tide (501 KB Adobe PDF File)


National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials - Public Housing Preservation: Lessons from the Private Sector

This paper identifies lessons of relevance for the preservation of public housing, drawing upon the historical experiences of private-sector entities in the development, ownership, and recapitalization of federally assisted, affordable, multifamily housing.

Download:   Lessons from the Private Sector (104 KB Adobe PDF File)


National Housing Law Project - Final Report of the Task Force on Rural Rental Housing Preservation

The Section 515 Rural Rental Housing (RRH) program has produced over 550,000 decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable homes since it was created over 40 years ago. This housing continues to fulfill a dire need, often providing the only decent and affordable rental housing in rural communities. Residents' incomes average less than $10,000 per year, and more than half of resident households are headed by elderly persons or persons with disabilities.

Download:   State of Rental Housing in America (284 KB Adobe PDF File)


National Housing Trust - Housing and Related Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

This document details affordable rental housing provisions as well as related provisions that pertain to housing and preservation and are included uner the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (P.L. 111-5).

Download:   ARRA - Housing and Preservation (99 KB Adobe PDF File)