OHFA 2022 Second Quarter Agency at a Glance

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 3 - 2022 SECOND QUARTER The Compliance team continues to travel the state conducting physical inspections and will do so throughout the rest of the year. Thank you to our partners, who we know are often dealing with labor shortages for making your staff available during OHFA inspections. POLICY AND PROGRAM UPDATES The VAWA Policy has been updated to clearly outline owner/management agent VAWA compliance requirements and the 2022 VAWA Reauthorization Act. The updated policy can be accessed here . Please make sure you are adhering to all items defined in the VAWA Requirements section of the policy. The Acq/Rehab FAQs and HDAP FAQs have been updated. Be sure to review the updated FAQs, and check out OHFA’s training resources on the Multifamily Training and Technical Assistance resource page . UTILITY ALLOWANCE (UA) POLICY UPDATE - UAS MUST INCLUDE AIR CONDITIONING OHFA now requires that the rent be reduced by the applicable utility allowance for any utility allowance type that lists air conditioning for tenants that are paying for air conditioning. This change aligns with Title 24 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 982.401(e)(1) that defines housing quality standards for housing choice voucher units specifically the temperature of each unit. The code dictates that “dwelling unit must have and be capable of maintaining a thermal environment healthy for the human body.” OHFA is taking this guidance and applying it to all acceptable utility allowance types including the public housing authority (PHA), utility allowances required by other federal programs such as RHS and HUD regulated buildings, Utility Company Estimates, HUD Utility Schedule Model and the Engineer ’s Energy Consumption Model. This change is effective as of July 1, 2022. If you have any questions about the policy, please direct inquires to the compliance help desk . OHFA will no longer accept an excel spreadsheet for UA requests. All requests will need to be converted into a pdf format. UPCOMING TRAININGS Sign up now for the next Compliance Policies and Regulations Training. This free, four-hour webinar focuses on OHFA's requirements for the multifamily programs and will provide industry professionals with tools and knowledge of OHFA policies and much more. Register here . Also, the next LIHTC Essentials training is August 23-24. This free, two-day webinar dives into details of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. Participants will learn federal regulations and OHFAs particular policies for LIHTC compliance. Participants can register for one or both days. Day one covers LIHTC basics while day two will cover more advanced LIHTC topics. Register for both days to complete the entire training. Register here . We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to seeing our partners out in the field. OFFICE OF MULTIFAMILY HOUSING COMPLIANCE DIVISION UPDATE ATHENA LUNSFORD COMPLIANCE OPERATIONS MANAGER