OHFA 2022 Second Quarter Agency at a Glance

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 7 - 2022 SECOND QUARTER 2022 SECOND QUARTER EMPLOYEES OF THE QUARTER DUANE MCCROBIE “He has been transitioning from a crucial position at OHFA to a management position, so he is basically working two jobs. The reason for that is the trained individual who was to serve in that position departed OHFA at the end of 2021 and previous duties needed to be picked up along with the responsibilities of his current position. Without his exceptional commitment, the Agency would be negatively impacted both operationally and financially.” “He is creative in his roles, which has resulted in a highly efficient process to meet his responsibilities. Yet, he always ensures that all of his responsibilities are met at the highest standard. He never complains and his dedication to OHFA is exemplary. He is a great role model at OHFA with his commitment and teamwork. He is wonderful to work with and always has a positive attitude. OHFA is very fortunate to have him on the OHFA team.” JOY JONES “She is extremely responsive to any needs that any employee comes to her about. Her willingness to step up to help co-workers, listen and answer questions, and her ability to provide accurate information quickly demonstrates why she deserves this nomination.” “Joy is open to differing opinions and new ideas which may benefit agency staff. She does her best (and succeeds) to ensure that payroll and benefits are handled timely and accurately. I am sure if you asked Joy, she would say that she is just doing her job. Having worked at other agencies and dealt with others in this role in the private sector, I can assure you that her attitude, kindness, professionalism, and knowledge are not always the standard for someone with these responsibilities.” NEW HIRES Steven Call Controller Finance Reggie Davis Bond Accountant 1 Finance Ashlie Depinet Assistant Chief Legal Counsel Legal Cindy Howard Grants Coordinator 1 (HAF) Single Family Courtney Kreis Financial Operations Manager Finance Kevin Neisch Housing Grant Analyst Multifamily Housing Sean Parsons Chief Financial Analyst Finance PROMOTIONS Billie Corson Assistant Chief Financial Officer Finance Sarah Yersavich Bond Accountant Coordinator Finance RETIREMENTS Tony Tai Assistant Chief Financial Officer Finance EMPLOYEE MILESTONES 5 years Carl Peyton Information Technology 10 years Mark Schluetz Multifamily Housing 15 years Michelle Carroll Multifamily Housing DUANE MCCROBIE Residential Lending Assistant Manager JOY JONES Payroll and Benefits Coordinator