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Please call US Bank at (800) 365-7772 to request payoff information; you may also fax a request to (800) 200-8772. The 1st mortgage payoff from US Bank will include a line item showing the payoff for the 2nd. Please contact with questions.

Grants for Grads Forgiveness

Please email an executed purchase contract or rental agreement showing an Ohio address to to request forgiveness of remaining balance.

Subordination Policy

In an effort to assist homeowners who are trying to refinance their mortgages, OHFA has established policies regarding subordinations. Subordination requests may result from an OHFA mortgage or from the Hardest Hit Funds under the program names of Restoring Stability or Save the Dream Ohio.

OHFA Down Payment Assistance 2nd Mortgages originated on or after 9/1/2015 cannot be subordinated.

– Grants for Grads 2nd mortgages originated at any time are eligible for subordination with a $100 fee; please follow the instructions on the request form.

– For all other types of OHFA 2nd mortgages, please call 877-775-6446 for more information on subordination eligibility.

Restoring Stability or Save the Dream Ohio: If the lien resulted from the Restoring Stability or Save the Dream Ohio programs, there is no fee required to subordinate a mortgage originating from assistance using Hardest Hit Funds. Restoring Stability and Save the Dream Ohio mortgages are held by Ohio Homeowner Assistance, LLC.

The best way to reach OHA is by email at They can also be reached by phone at 614.545.7839, but it takes much longer for a response.

Phone: 1.800.989.8448 or 614.545.7839
Fax: 614.629.5167