Project Requests & Changes

  • Project Requests & Changes
OHFA has temporarily suspended accepting requests for restrictive covenant modifications and multifamily releases. However, we will continue to accept and review requests for partial covenant releases for lease purchase projects. It is anticipated the temporary suspension will last several weeks.
Additional forms can be found under our Compliance Forms and Compliance Policies webpages.

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Qualified Contract Requests

Certain Housing Tax Credit properties can seek a buyer through the qualified contract process. Review the restrictive covenant for your project to determine if it qualifies.

If you have any questions about qualified contract requests, contact your regional representative.

Restrictive Covenant Release/Modification

Recently, OHFA witnessed an increased number of requests for the release or modification of restrictive covenants. After 1996, OHFA's Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) required owners to waive the right to request a qualified contract, which is available to sell the low-income portion of a project, but is often a path to a covenant release. Therefore, many owners have been requesting a full release of the restrictive covenant. In many instances, a modification to the restrictive covenant rather than a full release of the covenant is more appropriate. This entails increasing the number of market units, which are units with no rent or income restrictions, or increasing the rent and income limits.

Requests for project modifications or releases should be sent to Todd Carmichael, Compliance Manager, Office of Program Compliance, at Todd Carmichael or by mail to 57 East Main Street, Columbus Ohio 43215.

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