Appalachian Housing Initiative

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Appalachian Housing Initiative

The Appalachian Housing Initiative (AHI) is a multi-pronged research study that examines current and future affordable housing needs in the 32 counties comprising Appalachia Ohio. Conducted by the Ohio CDC Association in partnership with Ohio University's Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, the AHI presents unique strategies to build capacity for affordable housing development in Appalachia Ohio through collaboration among funders, developers and other housing intermediaries

In addition to the final report, the following tools were developed as a result of the AHI to assist with housing development initiatives in Appalachia Ohio.

Affordable Housing Market Study of 32 Appalachian Ohio Counties

The affordable housing market study provides a comprehensive assessment of the current and anticipated affordable housing needs of each of the 32 counties comprising Appalachia Ohio.

Appalachian Housing Interactive Database

This interactive database includes details about existing rental housing properties in each of the 32 counties analyzed in the Affordable Housing Market Study and was created to assist with housing development initiatives in Appalachia Ohio.

Appalachian Project Funding Analysis

A project funding analysis was completed to explore differences between Appalachian, rural non-Appalachian and urban affordable housing developments. Variables analyzed include rent structures, income restrictions, debt-coverage, operating expenses, project sources, development costs/uses, gap debt sources and the availability/use of housing tax credits.