Continuing Education Credits

Beginning this year, only sessions with LIHTC and Tax Credit Management content at the Ohio Housing Conference will be eligible to receive CEUs per the guidance from National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA). These sessions will be noted on the conference CEU chart.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Felecia Lucas at

The continuing education credits (CEUs) document grid is posted below and displays the available type and number of credit hours for each session. Final CEU credits are subject to change based on governing board approval.

Continuing Education Credits will be available for particular sessions during the conference. In order to receive CEU credits, each attendee must be present for ninety percent of the scheduled class time and must have his/her name badge scanned at the session entrance. Your name badge is printed with a bar code unique to you; it contains your name, title, organization and address.

If an attendee leaves a class in progress, his/her name badge will be scanned, showing an exit from the session. Leaving a session early could result in the forfeiture of CEU credits. For more information contact either or Felecia Lucas at

  • 1) Please make sure to wear your name badge during the official conference hours. You must be wearing a badge to obtain continuing education credits (CEUs). If you lose your badge, please request a replacement at the continuing education assistance area at the information booth.

  • 2) Room monitors are assigned to each session. When you enter a session, the room monitor will scan your name badge bar code. The scan records the date and time of your attendance. Please be patient during this process.

  • 3) Our credentialing organizations require you to be present for at least ninety percent of the scheduled time to receive credit. If you leave a session in progress, your name badge will be scanned, recording an early exit; this could result in forfeiture of your CEU credits. Your badge will not be scanned if you exit the session at its conclusion.

  • 4) Please note that room monitors cannot adjust the time on the pre-programmed scanners. If you have concerns or questions, please visit the continuing education assistance area at the information booth. We expect all attendees to abide by the rules of this system and be respectful of the room monitors who have volunteered their time to make our event successful.

  • 5) Continuing education certificates will be made available to attendees via the Internet after the conference. Please wait until you receive confirmation via email that the CEU credits are available and visit to access and print your certificate at that time. Your username is your first initial and last name, and your password is your registration ID (PIN), located on the right side of your badge.

We are applying for continuing education credit through the following credentialing bodies:


For more information on CEU credits, email

Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing Education Credits

  • (Q): Do I have to have my badge scanned?
  • (A): If you want a certificate that reflects the sessions you attended and/or CEU credit hours earned, you need to have your badge scanned. If you do not require this information for a credentialing organization or your employer, there is no need to have your badge scanned.

  • (Q): Where should I go if I have continuing education questions?
  • (A): Please visit the continuing education assistance area at the information booth.