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November 6-10, 2016


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17th Annual Ohio Housing Conference

Thank you to all who attended the 2015 Ohio Housing Conference. We hope that you found the overall experience valuable and insightful. Attendees from 27 states networked with more than 1,700 peers including investors, government officials, developers, nonprofit organizations, lenders, property managers, syndicators and more at the premier housing conference in the country.

Registration for the 2016 Ohio Housing Conference will open in Septebmer 2016.

OHC 2015

Meet our Speakers

Michael Novogradac

Managing Partner

Novogradac & Company LLP



National Leased Housing Association

William Faith

Executive Director

Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio

Paul Weech

President & Chief Executive Officer

NeighborWorks America

Edward W. Hill


The Ohio State University

Beth Riley


George K. Baum & Company

Robert Vogt


Vogt Strategic Insights


Presentations and/or handout materials from the conference are available on each individual session page located in the Session Materials section just under the description. Click on the session titles below to be taken to the corresponding webpage.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Learn the nuts and bolts of Landlord-Tenant Law and avoid costly legal missteps in dealing with tenants. Two veteran attorneys will provide an in-depth and up-to-date overview of laws and regulations governing evictions, leases, reasonable accommodations and other legal issues critical to understand for anyone in property management.

Housing Tax Credit Compliance Training

This interactive session focuses primarily on the basics of compliance for the Housing Tax Credit program (also known as the HTC program). Because compliance rules and procedures are frequently updated, the course is beneficial for individuals new to the Housing Tax Credit program, as well as seasoned veterans.

Housing Policy Plenary

Attend this session to hear national housing experts discuss current affordable housing issues and their impact on Ohio.

Bond Basics 101

Attend this session to learn everything you wanted to know about the basics of bond deals! This panel will focus on how to structure bond deals, current trends and issues in structuring bond deals and review sample transactions of recent bond deals.

Advanced Tax Credits/Bond Issues: A Case Study Review

This session presents an in-depth review of two bond issuances. Panelists will provide an open forum to discuss how developers put together 4% Bond deals with housing credits and the issues, challenges and resolutions that they face on the way to the closing.

2016–17 QAP

The Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) is the mechanism by which state housing finance agencies communicate the priorities that guide how housing credits are awarded. Speakers will discuss the process of developing the Ohio Housing Finance Agency's first two-year allocation plan and provide an in-depth review of deadlines, policies and requirements for developer partners.

Strategic Procurement: Reducing Costs through Smarter Purchasing

Strategic procurement is an emerging managerial concept that is quickly proving to be a must for efficient organizations of scale. Well-planned sourcing of supplies and services can improve quality, reduce costs, and even reduce workloads. Join this session to learn about a new buying platform designed for affordable housing practitioners and also hear case studies from organizations that have launched their own procurement initiatives.

To Coach or Not to Coach – That is the Question

This intensive "solution based" seminar can provide strategies for communicating and coaching to achieve: common understanding around expectations and deliverables; what to say and how to say it when giving feedback; eliminating "fuzzy" messages; and encouraging creativity and initiative that lead to empowerment. Join Dr. Debbie Phillips as she takes us through an informative and engaging presentation.

Grandview Yard Tour

Come explore and learn about Grandview Yard, a true mixed-use development minutes from downtown Columbus. The 100-acre site will include office space, restaurants, retail and grocery sites, hospitality and residential housing units. The development has been pre-certified as a LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) Silver Community–making it one of the first communities in the Midwest to achieve that standard. While development and construction are still underway, you will have the opportunity to learn how this community fits into the downtown landscape and benefits the surrounding areas.

Affordable Housing 101

This session will discuss affordable housing from a global view in terms of the reasons we need it, and the mechanisms to produce and preserve it. From large scale tax credit developments, to small grants that help homeowners rehabilitate their houses, the session will cover affordable housing in its most broad sense.

Developer Forum

This informal forum will allow developers to share their experiences and hear from others about lessons learned. A panel of developers representing different perspectives will get the conversation started. The dialogue will incorporate underwriting challenges, the current market, existing portfolio performance and trends in affordable housing.

Communication – The Key to Resolving Resident "Hot Button" Issues

Property Management requires managers to recognize and solve many issues – from infestation and hoarding issues to mental health – and how we communicate with residents is crucial in maintaining a successful property. Whether you manage a small or large property, urban or rural, professionals in similar positions will learn and apply new approaches in communication to create stronger and safer living environments.

Understanding Generations in the Workplace

Understanding generations is vital as we navigate the competitive marketplace not only from a consumer standpoint but from the workplace as many baby boomers are preparing to exit or at least redefine the way in which they spend the last part of their career. This seminar will guide attendees through the following points: characteristics of generations; using strengths to build effective teams; understanding trends that will shape the world of work for each generation; and Identifying who's in the ready chair as Gen X is the smallest of all cohorts.

Innovative Ways to Engage Community Leaders

As we attempt to do more with fewer resources, we must find innovative and creative ways to partner across the board. This panel will discuss how to identify and engage key community leaders to help leverage community involvement and financial contributions to accomplish place-based investing for collective impact.

Van Buren Shelter and Van Buren Permanent Supportive Housing

This session will tour two recently completed projects – the Van Buren Shelter and Van Buren Permanent Supportive Housing. Through a partnership between the Community Shelter Board, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, YMCA of Central Ohio and Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, the Van Buren Shelter was completed in July 2014, and is open to men, women and families. Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio and Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority also partnered on the recently opened 100-unit Van Buren Permanent Supportive Housing.

Local Development

This session will help you understand housing challenges on a local level by identifying key strategies that are implemented to address them. During this session you will hear from four municipalities on the challenges they face, developing strategies and important considerations that play a key role in success.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Housing Credit Portfolio Trends

This session will focus on housing credit portfolio trends through both a development and asset management perspective. The panelists will discuss topics in relation to trends in the industry including, but not limited to, operating expenses, rents, demographic shifts, utility expenses and the quality of the asset. The session will also focus on what these trends look like both on a national and statewide level.

Asset Management Approaches for Long-Term Sustainability through Extended Use

Discuss the ins-and-outs of life of an HTC project while in extended use. Hear from some industry compliance experts, management companies, property owners and syndicators about what makes for a successful extended use period; areas of consideration and/or concern and prepping for the future.

Avoiding Non-compliance

Affordable housing compliance can be complicated. Come join this interactive discussion and learn how to avoid non-compliance. Discuss changes on the horizon, industry updates and how you can be ready in this challenging environment. Interaction is encouraged so come prepared with questions for our expert panel.

Pardon the Interruption–Housing Edition

Watch a lively discussion among a panel of talented housing professionals as they quickly cover a number of current issues and questions regarding affordable housing policy and development programs.

Exhibitor Reception

Held in Exhibit Hall C of the Greater Columbus Convention Center, this is an excellent opportunity to meet with housing professionals and speak to exhibitors and vendors about the latest services and products available in the affordable housing industry. Learn more...

Ohio Economic Forecast

Rob Vogt joins Dr. Ned Hill and Beth Riley for the annual conference discussion of current and future economic and demographic trends, housing markets, and the health of the housing industry.

Basics of Tax Credit Development

This workshop will offer an introduction on how the housing tax credit program is operated, the key rules of the program, how credits are awarded and used, how other resources are incorporated into a project and what kinds of housing can be developed with this financing. This session is ideal for new development staff and people in related fields like property management, lending, and public agency funders.

Fair Housing–Removing Barriers to Homeownership

As the housing industry changes each year, housing professionals need to understand the laws that prevent housing discrimination. This course provides an introduction to Fair Housing laws, trends in discrimination, protections for those with disabilities, and case studies.


Attendees will have an opportunity to interact with representatives from HUD and OHFA and be a part of the discussion on REAC protocol and UPCS standards.

2016–17 QAP

The Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) is the mechanism by which state housing finance agencies communicate the priorities that guide the awarding of housing credits. Speakers will discuss the process of developing the Ohio Housing Finance Agency's first two-year allocation plan and provide an in-depth review of deadlines, policies and requirements for developer partners.

Trends in Design and Construction

Explore updates to the Enterprise Green Standards, a Passive Haus standards, and discuss rising construction costs.

OHFA Homebuyer Programs Update

Are you taking advantage of the homeownership programs available through OHFA? Learn the fundamentals of OHFA products and hear from organizations that have successfully utilized the program.

Compliance Update

Learn about the latest trends and issues in affordable housing compliance. Updates on OHFA policies, the 2013 Final Home Rule and just cause and lease non-renewals will be provided. Interaction is encouraged so come prepared with questions for our expert panel.

Establishing an Asset Management Committee on Your Board

Good corporate governance would compel a not-for-profit organization involved in affordable housing to have an active Asset Management Committee as an important part of their Board structure. Industry leaders will discuss why it's important to have an AM Board Committee, and explore best practices related to their structure.

Shale Oil

One of the hot-button topics in Ohio in the past few years is the growth in drilling for oil and natural gas in the Utica and Marcellus Shale formations in the eastern portion of the state and how it creates a lack of affordable rental housing, as energy industry workers move into the area and fill homes, hotels, and trailer parks. Panelists from research and the public sector will discuss findings and implications for real estate professionals operating in the area.

Mobile Session: Poindexter

This mobile session will take attendees to Columbus' historic near east side to see the site of the $30 million Choice Neighborhood Implementation grant. The Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority is partnering with McCormack Baron Salazar to redevelop the 26-acre former Poindexter Village public housing site and the surrounding neighborhood. The first phase, a 104-unit elderly residence called Poindexter Place, is being completed and the next two phases of 174 units of family housing are breaking ground. Speakers from CMHA and MBS will guide you through the neighborhood and describe the exciting transformation.

Controlling Costs

The cost of developing affordable housing remains a significant issue as funding sources continue to diminish. A panel of industry representatives will discuss managing costs throughout the development process, with real-life insights and examples.

PP&D Funding Programs

OHFA administers a variety of funding sources that can assist in developing affordable housing throughout the state, for projects large and small. Attend this session to discover what resources are available in funding.

Neighborhood Initiative Program–Land Reuse

Redevelopment and land banking experts from across Ohio will discuss strategies for transforming vacant lots into community assets. Ranging from successful side lot programs to innovative public art and urban agriculture initiatives, panels will present land reuse plans that promote strategic growth while also meeting cost and resource efficiency standards.

Handling Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications

This session will cover reasonable accommodation and modification procedures including how to conduct an interactive meeting. Examples of requests covered will include service animals, parking, maintenance issues and hoarding.

What's in a Room? Setting the scene with Color and Light

What's in a Room? Setting the scene through Interior Materials and Color. In today's digital age, physical materials and color, or the intentional use of these as persuasive force, has never been more prevalent. Have you ever walked into a space and felt as though you were in a different environment entirely? Has a specific place connected to you in a visceral way? Have you ever noticed that the color of a room, or even just a wall, can affect how you feel about the space? Come learn how to implement materials and color to affect energy levels, enhance mood, improve concentration, and much more, for your users on a psychological and emotional level. Sit back and enjoy as the presenters focus on how these ideas can be used in your design strategies to create more meaningful and emotionally connective spaces.

Mobile Session: Downtown Market Rate Explosion–What, How and Why

From the Highpoint on Columbus Commons to Grant Commons near Weinland Park, Downtown Columbus and the surrounding area is experiencing an explosion of market rate construction. See and hear why this is occurring, the related amenities and the impact on the dynamics of the city. Our experienced speakers will describe the history, current status and goals of this changing landscape.

Equity Markets and Syndicator Forum

The equity markets are hot as syndicators and direct investors compete for deals. There is continued pressure to maintain a certain yield threshold for investors, while the development community continues to seek increased pricing. Interact with the panelists on topics that include location, pricing and deal terms.

Linking Public Health Policy and Affordable Housing

Housing is invariably linked to health and well-being. Speakers will present on how HIAs can be developed and used to inform decision-makers and stakeholders about housing focused policies, projects, and plans.

Federal Housing Finance Agency–HARP

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), created by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and the Treasury Department, offers refinancing options for homeowners who have remained current on their mortgage even though their homes have lost value, and has been extended through December 2016. Learn how local community leaders can share this information with eligible homeowners.

Personal Safety for Today's Real Estate Professional

As a real estate professional, you put yourself at risk every day. Meeting prospective residents, showing apartments, completing site inspections and even your marketing may be jeopardizing your personal safety. A Columbus Police S.W.A.T. officer will give you tips so you can perform your job duties while also ensuring your personal safety.


As 2015 comes to a close much has been learned and several changes have taken place with OHFA's database system, DevCo. Come join our panelist discussion: lessons learned, changes for the next reporting year and challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

9:9 Stories

Nine speakers share their stories about how near disasters were prevented and turned into successes.

Networking Reception at the Bluestone

Held at the Bluestone, Conference attendees will enjoy a second night of networking with industry professionals. Enjoy the company of attendees and speakers you might not otherwise meet at the relaxed Networking Reception featuring live entertainment. Learn more...

Ohio 811 Program/Compliance Policies Roundtable

The Ohio 811 Project Rental Assistance provides a resource to help the state expand affordable housing opportunities for persons with disabilities. Come join an interactive discussion on this grant program where you will learn about the Notice of Funding Availability for Developer/Manager participation, referral and application process, marketing and challenges and lessons learned from other states awarded 811 grant funding.

FHLB Cincinnati Affordable Housing Program Roundtable

FHLB Cincinnati will discuss the benefits and challenges in using the Affordable Housing Program for housing development projects and solicit input on how to improve the application and disbursement processes within the program's regulatory parameters.

Preservation Roundtable: How Developers, Lenders and Investors Deal with the Underwriting Issues that Preservation Deals Face when Combined with LIHTC

Join this roundtable for a lively discussion covering these topics: Are the HAP rents over market rents and will the investor require a transition reserve? What are the pay down requirements when requesting a waiver on the due on sale clause of post mark to market deal, and what timing issues does this cause to the project for closing? Discuss the new HUD requirements for equity pay- ins and limits on bridge loans and what that does to equity pricing. How does increasing HUDs incentive performance fee affect the deal?

Fair Housing, Disparate Impact, and the Future of Housing Development

This session provides an overview of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision with Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs vs. The Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. and the HUD Affirmatively Further Fair Housing rule that closely followed. Panelists will discuss the possible implications of the court decision and new rule and the role of affordable housing development in promoting communities of opportunity.

Homebuyer Programs Roundtable

Who are the first-time homebuyers in Ohio? What's trending in the first-time homebuyer's market? Are OHFA products hitting their target market? What new products were introduced this year and why? This session will engage discussion with OHFA staff and attendees on the trends of OHFA homeownership programs.

Resident Services Roundtable

Evidence increasingly has shown that supportive services benefit residents, improving the lives of residents and leading to more stabilized housing communities. Unfortunately, implementing programs and finding funding can prove challenging. How do you fund services? How do you prioritize which services to provide, and how do you implement them? How do you know if the services are beneficial? These questions and others will be addressed in this interactive roundtable discussion.

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Developers, property managers, investors, syndicators, architects, real estate professionals, lenders, accountants, attorneys, government officials, nonprofit organizations – anyone who is passionate about affordable housing and eager to shape the future of the industry.

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