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  • Collingwood Green Phase I

The Next Generation of Public Housing

In a few months, single mom Elizabeth and her daughter Maddie will have a house to call their own.

Collingwood Green III is helping to erase the stigma of public housing in Toledo. The 55-unit family housing development is a key component in replacing one of the oldest public housing sites in the nation. The new community is a stark contrast from the aging, obsolete Brand Whitlock Homes and Albertus Brown Homes, a concentration of more than 400 public housing units built nearly 80 years ago and demolished in 2011.

Phases I and II of the development, which were completed over the last couple of years, provide two- and three-bedroom apartments for families and seniors. When completed, the new development will have 272 replacement units, which will improve the overall site. The development utilizes a more organic urban layout that will be more walkable and create a more pedestrian-friendly neighborhood than the old, superblock-style of public housing.

"This development will definitely be of long-term benefit to the community," said OHFA Director of Planning, Preservation & Development Kelan Craig. "The City of Toledo has committed over $9 million to public infrastructure funding which includes water lines, sanitary and storm sewers, new roads and street trees. Plus, it creates housing opportunities in an area where more than 30 percent of households experience housing insecurity."

Congratulations to the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority for successfully merging public housing and low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) apartments into a design that is as beautiful as it is beneficial.