OHFA 2020 Summer Newsletter

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 4 - SUMMER OFFICE OF MULTIFAMILY HOUSING Compliance division staff is taking 2020 in stride, finding new ways for efficiency, and adapting to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. One recent and thrilling development -- the final phase of the OHFA Inspection system launched August 31. This cutting-edge system helps maintain business continuity while supporting both our tenants and industry partners as we push through the challenges presented by the virus. The final phase introduces many exciting new enhancements including, but not limited to the following: the ability for partners to upload tenant files securely and remotely; the ability for OHFA staff to perform electronic file reviews; and, the ability for partners to respond to audit findings directly through the OHFA Inspection system. Additionally, many existing functions have been improved and streamlined. Make sure to check the OHFA website for regular updates, including the release of updated how-to videos for the OHFA Inspection system. As our agency strives to provide excellent customer service to our partners, we have added an Inspections option to the DevCo Help Desk. This option will allow our partners to submit inspection- specific inquiries, which will enable streamlined responses. This new option will also give our team the ability to track issues and errors, so we can continue to make improvements. With a dedicated internal OHFA team, the enhancements will shorten response times and help partners maximize use of the OHFA Inspection system. Back in March, as our team adjusted to working from home, we developed a process to complete file audits remotely. We appreciate our partners’ willingness to grow with us and make this transition to remote audits seamless and successful. Maintaining accurate contact information is essential to operations within the OHFA Inspection system. We recommend using an internal process to regularly update contacts in DevCo and as changes occur within your organization or on projects. This is important to ensure notification of and access to upcoming audits. OHFA anticipates resuming physical inspections in early 2021; we look forward to seeing you again in the new year. Our physical inspection protocol may look different as we incorporate extra precautions to keep you, your residents, and ourselves safe. Keep an eye on your email for information about the new physical inspection protocol. If you have not already done so, make sure to update your Constant Contact options to include news from OHFA’s Compliance Division. In preparation for the resumption of physical inspections, we encourage you to continue maintenance on your projects to the greatest extent that the current pandemic allows. Thank you to all of our partners for your continued collaboration and partnership as we weather this storm together. COMPLIANCE DIVISION UPDATE ATHENA LUNSFORD COMPLIANCE OPERATIONS MANAGER