OHFA 2020 Summer Newsletter

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 10 - SUMMER SUMMER 2020 EMPLOYEE OF THE QUARTER JOY JONES Payroll and Benefits Coordinator As one of the first faces new employees meet at OHFA, Joy Jones represents OHFA with a welcoming presence felt by new and veteran employees. In her role, Joy directly affects every employee of OHFA, making sure all employees are paid accurately and on time. Staff describe Joy as a “steady ship that guides us all in the right direction when it comes to payroll and benefits.” Recently, Joy has taken a creative approach to onboarding new employees during the Agency’s work-from-home status. Despite the now-virtual nature of her role, new employees continue to receive a friendly and swift response to any questions they may have. Joy’s constant desire for improvement and hard work ensures future employees are set up for success. Unbeknownst to most, Joy takes meticulous notes of every job function she does, setting the Human Resources office up for success in the event of her absence. She is a true team player. Joy’s friendly demeanor, hard-working attitude, and drive make her an irreplaceable part of the OHFA team. NEW EMPLOYEES Sara Freetage Fiscal Operations Manager Finance RETURNING HIRES DeeWaun Garland Housing Policy Associate Housing Policy EMPLOYEE MILESTONES 10 Years Brent Bester Finance Kim Tonn Finance 20 Years Tony Tai Finance 30 Years Teresa Kazee Internal Audit