OHFA 2022 Fourth Quarter Agency at a Glance

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 6 - 2022 FOURTH QUARTER SINGLE FAMILY HOUSING: PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE ERIN HIGGINS RESIDENTIAL LENDING SECTION CHIEF THOMAS E. WALKER HOUSING PRESERVATION DEVELOPMENT SECTION CHIEF The Office of Single Family Housing remains busy with consistent reservations despite the increased interest rates and continued low inventory. We continue to reach out to our lending partners to train them on our programs and see increased interest in our programs from new lenders. We currently have 114 lenders in our first-time homebuyer programs. Of these lenders, 88 have delivered at least one loan. During 2022 we added 10 new lenders while numerous lenders have merged or bought out other companies. We have expanded our partnership with local mortgage bankers’ associations with the addition of Mortgage Society of Ohio. The goal in 2023 is to continue outreach to other mortgage banking associations in Ohio. Through the end of November, OHFA has helped more than 3,400 families realize their dreams of homeownership. We are honored to be a part of helping these families build generational wealth. We also rolled out a refinance program in October, giving borrowers, who may not have been able to otherwise, the ability to refinance out of higher interest rate loans. Looking forward to 2023, we will update a few of our programs and support systems to improve the customer experience and efficiency. The lender portal will be updated with a contemporary look and feel and allow us to customize the fields required to be completed by lenders when reserving a loan. Users will be able to save drafts and drag and drop documents, and the updated portal will include a robust dashboard users can customize to their liking. We also will be updating our operating system in 2023, which will improve efficiency and program management.