OHFA 2021 Fourth Quarter Agency at a Glance

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 3 - 2021 FOURTH QUARTER OFFICE OF HOUSING POLICY AND OUTREACH & ENGAGEMENT UPDATE The Office of Housing Policy—which includes Research, Homebuyer Education and Multifamily Training and Technical Assistance—has had a busy fall quarter. In September, we said goodbye to our director Katie Fallon as she left OHFA to take a new position with the Urban Institute. We wish her luck in her new endeavors! RESEARCH DIVISION Heading into 2022, OHFA’s Research staff has been hard at work on several tasks, including multiple ongoing projects in collaboration with The Ohio State University. The Research team (Chelsea Buckwalter and Devin Keithley) released the FY 2021 Annual Report , highlighting OHFA’s performance over the previous fiscal year. Chelsea compiled the Ohio HHF Final Report , which summarizes the implementation and evolution of the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) program and includes program outcomes and lessons learned. Findings from this program evaluation on implementing large-scale homeownership stability programs were used in creating the new Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) to assist homeowners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Chelsea has also been assisting with the pilot program for HAF, which launched in July, by creating weekly reporting tools and interactive Tableau dashboards to monitor program metrics and report regularly to Treasury. Devin updated OHFA’s quarterly performance tracking for the new fiscal year and gathered input from the program offices to redesign the Quarterly Performance Reports for the Agency. As part of this process, he worked with Housing Preservation and Senior Staff to develop annual goals for the new HAF program. OUTREACH & ENGAGEMENT DIVISION OHFA’s Outreach and Engagement Division has been diligently offering training to homebuyers and housing professionals in both the single- and multifamily sectors. Jon Duy conducted 14 events to teach or promote OHFA’s homebuyer programs, including three in-person events and 11 live webinars with over 400 people in attendance, including real estate agents and homebuyers. These events included partnerships with Freddie Mac, the City of Zanesville, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and the African American Wellness Initiative to help increase Black homeownership. In-person events were held in Cleveland, Columbus and Youngstown. The Multifamily Training and Technical Assistance team (Ashley Sweeney and Betsy Krieger) conducted five online trainings with over 460 industry partners in attendance. Trainings included Compliance Policies and Regulations, Conquering Acquisition and Rehabilitation and LIHTC Essentials. Ashley and Betsy also produced the Affordable Housing Programs Resource Manual , a multifamily compliance manual that allows industry partners to compare and comply with multiple housing program rules. They also created new Tenant Selection Plan (TSP) guidelines to provide direction for property owners and management agents on what must be included in TSPs and a new instructional video on Avoiding Noncompliance Pitfalls with Social Security Income . Be sure to check out all of OHFA’s multifamily training resources available here . DEVIN KEITHLEY DATA QUALITY ASSURANCE COORDINATOR COMING SOON! OHFA MULTIFAMILY TRAININGS AND RESOURCES FOR 2022 OHFA’s Multifamily Training and Technical Assistance team will offer several new trainings and bring back those offered last year. New for 2022 will be on-demand trainings on Extended Use, HDAP programs and Navigating OHFA Resources. New videos on key income concepts, asset concepts, and child support will also be available. The Tax Credit Compliance and HDAP Handbooks will also be released in 2022. We will bring back OHFA’s LITHC Essentials, Compliance Policies and Regulations and Acquisition and Rehab trainings to continue updating and educating the industry. Registration for trainings will be posted soon on the Multifamily Training and Technical Assistance webpage . Be sure to join us!