OHFA 2022 Third Quarter Agency at a Glance

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 5 - 2022 THIRD QUARTER THE OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND ANALYTICS (former ly the Of f ice of Housing Pol icy) Our name has changed, but everything else about our office remains the same. As the research and analytics hub of OHFA, we are committed to producing high quality data analysis and actionable research on affordable housing in order to guide OHFA’s strategy, improve internal practices, and impact housing-related initiatives throughout Ohio. We are excited to say that a number of long-term projects came to fruition in the last quarter! In August we released the OHFA Economic Impact Report , which Devin Keithley presented at the August Board meeting. For this report, Devin performed an economic impact analysis, using Implan© software, to estimate how OHFA’s current operations and housing programs contribute to the state’s economy on an annual basis. Here are the key takeaways: • $4.5 billion in output is generated for the state every year • $2.6 billion in value added is contributed to Ohio’s Gross State Product annually • $1.7 billion in labor income is earned by Ohio workers each year • $423.2 million in tax revenue is generated annually • 27,128 Ohio jobs are created or sustained yearly Sarah Stouffer-Lerch, our summer intern from OSU, wrapped up her internship and published a blog post that explores how OHFA has been using data to understand the impact of the Save the Dream Ohio program and target homeowners most in need of assistance. Sarah’s analysis shows that the majority of applicants who have received assistance are cost burdened and that homeowners in urban counties make up a significant share of the program. OHFA was recognized by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) on the DataOhio Portal for the success of our FY 2021 Ohio Housing Needs Assessment . The Portal highlights data analytics initiatives at the State in thei r “Made with Ohio Data” collection. Our submission describes the collaborative effort between our office and OHFA’s IT Department to produce an innovate, interactive resource that helps policymakers better understand statewide housing challenges and make data-driven decisions. Last but not least, we published the OHFA Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report , which details how well OHFA’s program offices performed over the past year. Performance metrics—and the strategic initiatives they are working toward—are laid out in the Annual Plan. Our team tracks these metrics on a quarterly basis and summarizes them at the end of the fiscal year to produce the annual report. CHELSEA BUCKWALTER DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH AND ANALYTICS