Ohio Housing Finance Agency 2020 Fall Newsletter

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 2 - FALL COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING UPDATE DORCAS TAYLOR JONES CHIEF COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER The 2020 Ohio Housing Conference took up much of the planning, strategizing, and staff brainpower in the fall quarter. Now that the conference is over, coordinators, which includes Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing staff, are examining what worked, asking what could use some tweaks, and thinking ahead to next year. The virtual format was new for everyone and although there were some technical challenges, overall, conference sessions flowed smoothly and attendees were able to navigate the virtual terrain. Our three major sessions discussed the future of affordable housing, the economic fallout of the pandemic, and the possible outcome of this year’s election results on the industry. Because 2020 has proven to be a challenging time in ways no one could have predicted, coordinators wanted a few sessions to provide inspiration that attendees could take back to their professional and personal lives. World traveler and motivational speaker, Leon Logothetis, delivered the conference keynote. Leon gave up his career as a stockbroker to trek around the world exploring the power of kindness. In his keynote he shared stories about his experiences with people who had little in worldly possessions, but who gave him what they could to help him continue his journey. In addition, the conference introduced a TED-talk inspired session for the first time, Enlighten Us, but Make it Quick . Speakers shared personal stories, professional tips, and motivational moments – in under 10 minutes. We are excited to explore how to transfer the lessons and success of #2020OHC into the 23rd annual Ohio Housing Conference, Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2021. In addition to conference responsibilities, C&M staff carried out several additional projects: • A fall social media and radio advertising campaign with the tagline “Homeownership: Ready When You Are,” a nod to the difficult economic circumstances many in our state are traversing. • In conjunction with our Policy office, published the Annual Report and Annual Plan and several blogs and podcasts. • Participated in our first Twitter takeover in partnership with the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio. Over the next few months, the C&M staff look forward to unveiling our annual Customer Videos, where homeowners and residents share how their lives have been changed and enhanced by having a safe, affordable and decent place to live.