Director's Message

  • Executive Director Sean Thomas

OHFA's annual Ohio Housing Needs Assessment was recently finalized by the Office of Housing Policy. This year, the HNA was moved online to provide readers with a more hands-on way to view and interact with the data.

Homeownership capped off a productive year, closing more than 4,500 loans totaling nearly $600 million. In addition, the department's work with land banks across the state has removed more than 12,500 blighted and vacant homes through the Neighborhood Initiative Program.

The Homeownership department also said 'thank you' to its lenders, counseling agencies, and other organizations at the annual Partner Luncheon. This year's event was held at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in August.

OHFA's Planning, Preservation, and Development office now has a new name and structure to reflect the coordinated work carried out within several offices. The Office of Multifamily Housing now includes three divisions: Development, Compliance and Training & Technical Assistance.

Development diligently worked this summer on the 2020-2021 Qualified Allocation Plan update. Three activities make up the process: reviewing the previous plan and making observations, performing analysis of previous results and adding in new data, and getting stakeholder feedback. The second draft was released in mid-August.

OHFA's Compliance division has been busy this season, conducting more than 160 audits in a four-month period using a new inspection software. External partners can now get reports online and respond to findings. The new system has enabled more effective and efficient communications between OHFA and its partners.