June 8, 2021
Columbus, Ohio
2021 HOME & HTF Rent and Income limits are now posted.
Locate the updated Annual HOME & NHTF Rent and Occupancy Report (previously known as the HOME rent approval form) here. This form MUST be completed and returned to OHFA no later than Wednesday June 30, 2021, if you have HOME or NHTF funds on your project. 
The Compliance division anticipates resuming physical inspections as soon as late summer. We will inspect buildings, vacant units and occupied units. A 14-day notice of the audit will be provided as the normal process for inspections along with notice of specific units when staff arrives on the day of the audit.
All IRS guidance and COVID-19 waivers expire 9/30/2021. No extension on these items is anticipated. Find the guidance on our website.
OHFA staff will host the next Acquisition/Rehab training on June 29 from 12:30-3:30pm. If you are going through an Acq/Rehab deal or have questions about staying compliant during this complex process, attend this training! During the free, three-hour webinar participants will learn about maximizing credits, qualifying households, transfers, resyndications and more. Register today for this and other trainings.  
Register for various OHFA compliance trainings today, including LIHTC Essentials, Compliance Policies and Regulations, and Conquering Acquisition/Rehab. Register here
The Office of Multifamily Housing is confirming each project’s affordability period start and end dates for their HOME awards. This will ensure every project is on the correct six-year full recertification cycle for their HOME units. Owners and Management agents with HOME funding will receive an email to confirm their project’s affordability start and end dates. Please be on the lookout for this email in the next couple of weeks. Owners will have 10 business days to respond.