New OHFA Policy:
Onboarding and Relationship Building 
As part of OHFA’s dedication to fostering positive relationships with its partners, OHFA has established the Onboarding and Partner Relationship Building Program for partners who are new to OHFA or experiencing significant compliance issues. This program is tailored to each ownership entity, property management agent, or other partner’s specific needs. More information can be found here.
Time is Running Out to Take OHFA’s Compliance Policies and Regulations Webinars
Only TWO sessions left for this year:

The webinar, OHFA Compliance Policies and Regulations Training focuses primarily on OHFA's requirements for the multifamily programs it manages. The session will cover topics such as multifamily basics, verifications, tenant files, VAWA and so much more. The webinar fulfills OHFA's Qualified Allocation Plan training requirement in order to obtain IRS Form 8609 and provides four hours of continuing education credit.
OHFA’s Latest Instructive Video
Check out this updated six-minute instructional video on Unit Transfers, Applicable Fraction and Next Available Unit Rule. The video is important for those new to the LIHTC industry and those who want a refresher on these topics. We also have short videos available on Household Composition Changes and Tenant File Best Practices.

Coming Soon - The LIHTC and HUD Student Rules
Other Resources Just For You
Did you know? OHFA has numerous FAQ sheets available about issues like digital age income, HDAP funding comparison, acquisition and rehab, and more. Visit OHFA's Training Resources.
Need Help with a Compliance, DevCo or OHFA Inspection Question?
Be sure to use the Compliance and DevCo Help Desk.

When you use this tool, you allow us to target resources to better serve you, and help OHFA staff more efficiently track the number and types of inquiries we received.
Latest Stories of Home Blog

Did you know OHFA has a blog and podcast?

Check out OHFA’s latest blog on the impact of racial inequalities on homeownership numbers in Ohio.
In the latest episode of the Doorsteps podcast, Dr. Cody Price is joined by Terry Russell of NAMI Ohio to discuss A Roof Over Your Head: Mental Health in Trying Times. Find all of the Doorsteps podcasts here or listen on your favorite platform.