OHFA is expanding its focus on training and technical assistance with the new Multifamily Training and Compliance Technical Assistance (MT&TA) office.


February 14, 2019

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Office Expansion


·     Did you know? OHFA is expanding its focus on training and technical assistance with the new Multifamily Training and Compliance Technical Assistance Office (MT&TA). The expansion will include implementation of new policies and programs working with industry partners, improved access to guidance and technical assistance, updated in-person training, and new web-based trainings. The new online training series will include on-demand courses, webinars and mini and short videos (instructional and/or informational).


Training Webpage


·     OHFA introduces its new Multifamily Training & Technical Assistance webpage. The webpage provides information and resources related to new or improved services for the industry. As the office develops additional trainings, programs, and/or other technical assistance features, they will be added online. 


·     The first in-person OHFA Policy and Procedure Training (NEW) will be held March 12 in Columbus and April 16 near Cleveland. For a full list of training dates visit the In-Person Training Series page. Training registration will be available soon, and a separate notice will be sent out when registration is live. The training is free and fulfills OHFA’s Qualified Allocation Pan (QAP) training requirement to obtain IRS Form 8609. 




·     Visit the DevCo Videos page for new recorded webinars on the Annual Owner Certification process and DevCo XML Upload. Questions regarding DevCo should be directed to the DevCo Helpdesk.



Compliance Next Steps Meetings

(formerly Placed in Service Meetings)


Several changes have been made to when OHFA meets with a project owner and property manager prior to a project placing in service. Compliance Next Steps Meetings (CNS) will be held in order to educate all parties involved with OHFA-funded multifamily properties about federal and state regulations and to foster partnership between OHFA and organizations. CNS Meetings will occur in three phases: Initial Tailored CNS, Partner Check-in Call/Meeting, and a Final Check-in Meeting (if necessary). Owners are reminded IRS Form 8609 will not be issued until a CNS and any required subsequent meeting is held. 


·     Effective immediately, OHFA’s MT&TA Team will now conduct the CNS Meeting rather than Program Compliance Analysts.


·     Owners and management agents must participate in an initial CNS meeting. Syndicators will be invited to join the meeting as well.


·     The MT&TA Team will schedule a CNS Meeting according to the following project progress.


·     New Construction: at 50% construction completion


·     Acquisition/Rehab Projects: at ownership transfer


·     HDAP-only Projects: when gap financing with OHFA has closed. 


·     A Partner Check-in Meeting will occur six months after the initial CNS Meeting to discuss any further compliance questions or issues.


·     The owner's correspondence for the initial CNS Meeting, documentation requests of OHFA and/or inquiries about the CNS process must be sent to ComplianceNextSteps@ohiohome.org


VAWA Training


·     As part of The Ohio Housing Finance Agency’s (OHFA) competitive Technical Assistance Grant Fund, the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO) was funded to provide Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) compliance trainings around Ohio. Trainings will provide an overview of resources, rules regarding tenants’ rights, housing providers’ obligations and rights, and other requirements related to VAWA. To hold your spot at a training near you, RSVP to COHHIO’s Save the Date here. Contact MariaBruno@COHHIO.org with questions or concerns.


Who is the MT&TA Team?


·     Betsy Krieger – Director

·     Rachel Grass – Policy & Technology Manager

·     Ashley Sweeney – Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator


Coming Soon


·     Searchable Compliance FAQs

·     Compliance Handbook

·     On-demand training or videos such as:

·     Tenant File Best Practices 

·     OHFA Forms

·     Income Averaging (IA)

·     OHFA’s new physical inspection software system, Allita