The Ohio Housing Locator has a new look and additional features!


Update Your Ohio Housing Locator Listings!


The Ohio Housing Finance Agency is updating the Ohio Housing Locator with a new look and additional features. As a result, it's time to update your property listings in the new statewide locator system,!


Rental housing properties financed with Ohio Housing Finance Agency resources are required to register their property and dwelling units on Listings for properties must also be updated on a frequent basis. 


The new locator services are managed jointly by two companies, Emphasys and Socialserve. Starting December 3rd, Socialserve began reaching out to the property management of each of these properties to address the property’s registration or participation status. Please be ready to be contacted by staff from Socialserve. Also, you don't have to wait! You can also update your listings immediately by going to or by calling toll free: 1-877-428-8844. Socialserve staff will be able to assist you with user registration and the listing of your properties.


If you have any questions, please contact Socialserve:

Phone toll free: 1-877-428-8844


Thank you for your time and effort helping us ensure that the property listings in the Ohio Housing Locator are accurate and up to date!