September 9, 2020
Annual HOME/NHTF Rent Approvals
Annual HOME/NHTF Rent Approval Reminder
Owners and Management Companies:

Thank you to all owners and management companies who have already submitted your HDAP Annual Rent Approval Forms as required.
This is a reminder that projects that received OHFA Housing Development Assistance Program (HDAP) funds - either HOME funds or National Housing Trust Funds (NHTF) - were required to submit an Annual Rent Approval Form by July 31, 2020. If you have not yet submitted your Annual Rent Approval Form, it is considered past due.
The absolute final deadline by which the form may be submitted to OHFA is September 22, 2020. Failure to submit by the deadline could result in the project or owner being considered to be Not in Good Standing with OHFA or result in other corrective actions, including, but not limited to: reduction of access to future funding; rejection of pending funding applications; recapture of funds; or referral of the project to the Attorney General for investigation.

Annual Rent Approval Forms must be sent to

If you have any questions, please contact the Compliance Division of the Office of Multifamily Housing at