September 30, 2020
Columbus, Ohio
OHFA Multifamily Compliance Updates

The Office of Multifamily Housing's Compliance Division is pleased to provide you with the following updates:

Utility Allowance Requests and Fees
In an effort to streamline our processes and provide relief to our partners, effective October 1, 2020, the Compliance Division will cease collecting the $100 utility allowance fee for the processing of utility allowances.
The Compliance Division will continue to accept utility allowance requests via email or regular mail. However, we prefer that the requests be sent to us via email for fastest service. Please continue to submit UA requests to or mail to OHFA at 57 E. Main Street, Columbus, OH, 43215.
Tenant Income Certifications (TICs)
Handwritten TICs are not acceptable. All TICs must be printed out of DevCo software to be utilized in tenant files.

Updating Tenant Data 
Please remember that projects are required to update all tenant data in DevCo on a monthly basis at a minimum or within 3 days of being notified of an OHFA audit.

Ohio 811 Project Rental Assistance Property Manager Training
OHFA will provide a training webinar in October for property managers who work with the Ohio 811 Project Rental Assistance Program. This training will cover 811 program requirements, address frequent issues or questions raised by our partners, and include time to address questions from audience members about the program.
OHFA is offering two training dates to accommodate busy schedules:
Wednesday, October 14         1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 
Monday, October 26                1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 
Attendance at one of these two training webinars is required for all property managers who work directly with prospective 811 tenants and regional managers who oversee properties with 811 program units. Property owners are strongly encouraged to attend the training as well. 
To register for the webinar on Wednesday, October 14, click here: 
To register for the webinar on Monday, October 26, click here: 
If you have any questions about the 811 training, please email the Ohio 811 Program mailbox at:
If you have any general Compliance questions, please contact the Athena Lunsford, Compliance Operations Manager, at