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September 23, 2019

Volume: 5



Effective 11/1/19, the LIHTC Lease Addendum should be used on all units unless a HUD Model Lease or an USDA RD Lease is required. OHFA requires the use of this lease addendum to ensure tenants understand their rights with the LIHTC program; however, other federal programs do not permit the alteration of their leases or addendums with those from other programs. For example, a 100-unit project has RD rental subsidy on 80 units. If the remaining 20 units are not using USDA RD Lease and/or addendum, then the OHFA LIHTC Lease Addendum must be used.


The LIHTC Lease Addendum should be used every time a new lease is signed. If a tenant has already signed their recertification or move-in paperwork, effective 11/1/19 or later, include a clarification record in the file stating the tenant’s paperwork was completed prior to the 11/1/19 implementation date of the new addendum.



Remember, LIHTC property managers may NOT refuse to rent to an individual solely based on the fact that the individual has a Section 8 Voucher. The only exception to this rule is when the LIHTC rent charged exceeds the voucher rent. 



OHFA held a Devco Inspection System Webinar on September 12th, 2019. It will be posted on the OHFA website soon. 



As OHFA continues to improve the new Devco Inspection System process, all owners/managers are asked to continue to email your EHS corrections to the OHFA Compliance Auditor AND, once you receive the Compliance Audit Report (CAR), submit the work order that corresponds to it. We recognize that you will be submitting duplicate documents, but we need your corrections to be submitted in this manner as we work to improve the process. 



OHFA will accept work orders with electronic or digital signatures and dates in response to CAR findings.

Explanation and example provided for the Lease Addendum was revised on 10/28/2019