Ohio Housing Finance Agency
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2022-2023 QAP Concept Memo Released

OHFA has posted a memo on the Housing Tax Credit page of the agency's website outlining concepts that may appear in the first draft of the 2022-2023 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) to be published in June. OHFA is seeking input on the concepts in the memo from our development partners and other stakeholders.

Those interested in providing input may send an email to OHFA's QAP mailbox at QAP@ohiohome.org. Doing so by Wednesday, June 2, will allow for consideration in advance of release of the first draft.

OHFA has also posted the PowerPoint presentation from the 2022-2023 Annual Plan and QAP Pre-Draft Public Forum that was held on May 5, 2021. It is available for download on the Housing Tax Credit page as well.