Ohio Housing Finance Agency
57 E. Main Street | Columbus, OH 43215
2020 Enterprise Green Communities Online Workshop
You may be aware that Enterprise has fully transitioned to their 2020 Green Communities Criteria. Are you ready to certify to the new standard? 
Join us on June 16 for this online workshop. Enterprise staff will discuss how to move through design and construction to operations with the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria for projects in Ohio. What’s required? What’s recommended? What are the most often overlooked details? By the end of the workshop, attendees will have examined which components of the Criteria differ from their standard procedures and will be able to identify what is required for Certification.  
The workshop is free, and registration is required. We’ll meet together on Zoom, here
  • 2:00-3:00 pm ET, Wednesday, June 16th 
Developers and architects interested in Enterprise Green Communities certification should attend to clearly understand what is, and is not, required of the program. Other project team members are encouraged to join as well, so that roles required in certifying a property can be clarified.   
You can review the 2020 Criteria online at www.greencommunitiesonline.org  and reach out to certification@enterprisecommunity.org with questions about the Criteria or this workshop.