Roadmap to Youth Housing

Daybreak's "Roadmap to Youth Housing" project is an evaluation that will identify emerging best practices for developing and implementing a comprehensive housing program for homeless and transitioning youth. The project is a partnership between Daybreak, a Dayton-based organization that provides a wide array of emergency and housing services to homeless youth and Community Research Partners (CRP), a Columbus-based organization that designs and conducts program evaluation and applied research to address local, state, and national programs and issues. The research component of the project will include data collection and analysis that will (1) add to the field of knowledge regarding best practices for providing services to runaway, troubled, and homeless youth aged 10 to 21, and; (2) to inform policy development and recommendations at local, state and, hopefully, national levels. The program evaluation component of the project will provide findings and recommendations to Daybreak for the purpose of program improvement, as well as to assess the efficiency, efficacy and impact of the program.

The result of a partnership between Daybreak & Community Research Partners: