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Please be advised that the following maps and data are provided for informational purposes only. These resources are updated independent of the Qualified Allocation Plan and should not be relied upon in compiling an application to any OHFA funding program.

Housing Needs Assessment

Housing is one critical component for building a healthy and prosperous future for Ohioans, but the state faces a number of sustained challenges to providing affordable and accessible housing. As part of our annual planning process, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) evaluates the current housing landscape to assess the obstacles to meeting its mission to help Ohioans find quality affordable housing that meets their needs. The Ohio Housing Needs Assessment serves as a resource for OHFA's Board, staff and the state at large. The full document provides comprehensive documentation on housing and related topics in Ohio.

County Indicators from the FY 2019 Ohio Housing Needs Assessment

Multifamily Rental Properties with OHFA Funding Awards